Tubeless Tire Update…

4 05 2012

Dave @ Sedon Fat Tire Bike Shop setting up my bike tubeless…

Both my Santa Cruz Nomad and my On One Scandal mountain bikes are running tubeless setups now. So far so good. Both are working well and I like the feel of the tires at lower pressures without fear of pinch flats. Tubeless tires are supposed to roll faster and provide better “feel” than the same time with a tube inside. I can’t confirm or deny that aspect. They certainly don’t roll any slower!

Tubless Racing Ralph on my Scandal…

Installation on both bikes was simple and there have been no hassles keeping them rolling along. For my mountain bikes I can’t see any reason to go back to tubes. I want to run tubeless on my Pugsley as it would save a lot of weight per wheel given the heavy tubes it uses. I’m even thinking of converting Sharon’s commuter bike to tubeless when the tires wear out next.



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4 05 2012

While on your Pugsley it may be a usefull upgrade, I believe that on the commuter the weightloss will be minimal while the pressure loss will be significant. Schwalbe has written quite an interesting paper about going tubeless on roadbikes and explained that their research only showed benefits for low pressure applications, for normal to high pressure tires going tubeless didn’t offer any advantages.

4 05 2012

@Erik – the typical road flat is a bit of wire from car/truck tires or sliver of metal. Tubless sealant would handle those types of punctures easily.

In terms of pressure my go fast road bike runs at 45/50psi. So not the 100psi+ that a lot of road bikers use.

My MTBs run at ~25psi and the Pugs at ~10psi.

It may not be the ideal solution on a commuter bike. I’d be interested in trying it out or seeing what practical results other folks are having to determine for myself.

4 05 2012

@Erik – there seems to be success running tubeless even at high road bike psi:

I found a number of other articles online as well documenting successful implementation of tubeless tires on road bikes. I suspect the wider tires and lower pressures of commuter bikes will make tubeless even easier to implement.

5 05 2012
doug d

I have run tubeless on most of my MTBs since 2001, and I really like it. I have had trouble with some tires that were incompatible with Stan’s sealant (including a very expensive Schwalbe Marathon Supreme), but for the most part, they work fine. At about 45psi, my commuting bike would be 5 minutes faster on a 21km commute with the tubeless – nearly 10 percent, which for me is a huge difference.

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