Crouching Rat 300K…

30 04 2012

300K Map - click for larger...

I rode the BC Randonneurs Crouching Rat 300K on Saturday. I’m uber busy at the moment so no detailled ride report will be forthcoming.

Photo: Eric Fergusson...

Ride Stats:

  • Distance = 301kms
  • Event Time = 17:10hrs
  • Off Bike Time = 2:23hrs
  • Ride Time = 14:47hrs
  • Elevation Gain = 2377m

Busy start...

Ride Links:

Tobin - the Patient Randonneur...

The Good:

  • well organized and executed event
  • started/finished at a bakery with excellent espresso and tasty beer [in that order]
  • varied route with lots of different terrain/scenery
  • Tobin [shown above] hung out with me for most of the ride even though he was capable of a faster time
  • friendly faces and treats at most controls [salted pretzels are my new favourite next to chocolate milk!]
  • got to see a lot of familiar BC Rando Club faces
  • traffic was quite polite/courteous
  • 2 different old men on mountain bikes who decided to race us at various points on the course!
  • chose the right clothing for the day so I was comfortable with minimal fuss
  • wasn’t nearly as destroyed as the 2011 Hatzic Hills 300K
  • ~20kms of gravel to switch things up a bit…=-)

Mr. Lazy...

The Bad:

  • my front derailleur wouldn’t shift to the small ring [there were some uber steep slopes I would have used it on!]
  • lots of steep climbs all packed into the first 150kms left me pretty worn out on the 2nd half
  • 2nd half of the ride started with a long stretch of highway riding into a noticeable headwind – demoralizing!
  • GPS refused to navigate us along the route I had programmed for the last 60kms to the finish [when riding in the dark in the city turn by turn GPS warnings are so nice!]
  • course seemed far harder than it should have been….not sure why, but I heard that from several people who I didn’t ride with so it wasn’t just me!

Sumas Mountain Control...

The Ugly

  • we took a 5km detour off route and climbed the most heinous climb off the day only to find out we were on Old Claybourn Rd instead of Claybourn Rd!!!
  • definitely the most punishing bonus miles I’ve ever done…=-(

BC Randonneurs 300K Event Pin - 2012...

Thanks to Chris Cullum who organized the ride as well as his intrepid band of volunteers who staffed the controls! Another fine BC Randonneur Club event in the books…=-)



7 responses

30 04 2012
Chris Cullum

Hi Vik, Thanks for coming over and riding! I am glad you enjoyed it. re: the 5km detour up the big hill, would that happen to be where the route sheet said “Do NOT take Old Clayburn on Rt”? 😉

30 04 2012

@Chris – yes that’s the detour. I blame no one, but ourselves!

1 05 2012

By the way – I LOVE the color of Tobin’s bike!!! It’s bright and pretty without being scary!! Totally dig the green!!!

1 05 2012
Tobin Henderson

Hi Vik thanks for the company! You may be the patient one, putting up with my prattle for 16 hours.

I feel like that Old Clayburn hill was a bit of ‘object fixation’. The sight of it was just so frightening I couldn’t seem to look away.

Thanks Beth 🙂

1 05 2012

300K…, I didn’t even realize you were working up to that distance this year. Very impressive! That’s a heck of a long way to ride in one day.

1 05 2012

Thanks Doug. I’m on a new program this year…talk less – ride more – report on completed rides….not plans for rides.

1 05 2012
Chandra Eswaran

Congrats Vik! This is awesome!!

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