Volunteer Bling…

26 04 2012

My 2011 BC Randonneur Volunteer Pin...

I’m no uber volunteer. There are folks in the BC Randonneurs that put in a million more hours to support the club, but I feel like if you want to see rides happen you have to be willing to put in some effort to make that happen. Start with helping out at one ride and see what happens. You’ll likely enjoy it a lot. Then see if you can fit in supporting a second ride. Every little bit helps and if everyone shares the work it all gets done easily without burning out a few generous folks.

Sure that means maybe you don’t ride every event that you might like to, but that’s life. You have to put something in to get something out.

I’m never going to win a volunteer of the year award, but you’ll always see me helping out on the other side of the table at a few rides.



One response

26 04 2012

Great job Vik!

I have volunteered at one event, and it was very rewarding, particularly for a fairly new member such as myself. I got to meet a lot of people, particularly some of the more senior members. It really helped to break the ice and also felt great knowing that I was helping. It really is vital. If all the controls aren’t well manned, the event will not run smoothly, if at all.

And now, even with only riding two 200k Brevets, and two 115k Populaires, a lot of the long-tme members of the San Francisco Randonneurs call me by name.

Wow, I’m finally in with the cool kids… 😉

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