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12 04 2012


For the gearheads out there I thought I would share the state of the art in terms of my rando gear. It occurred to me as the recent 200K approached that I should streamline my kit down to the bare essentials, but I decided to stick with a general purpose load that would see me through pretty much any spring brevet on Vancouver Island.


  • wool long sleeve jersey
  • wind vest
  • wool 3/4 tights
  • wool leg warmers under tights [double layer over knees]
  • wool socks
  • SPD shoes
  • fleece gloves
  • ear warmer
  • helmet
  • rain jacket [in bar bag]
  • rain over gloves [in bar bag]
  • rain chaps [in bar bag]
  • rain shoe covers [in bar bag]
  • full finger bike gloves [in bar bag]
  • buff neck warmer [in vest pocket]
  • sunglasses [worn or in vest pocket]

For summer rides I would shift towards wool short sleeve jersey + arm warmers and wool shorts. I’d also skip the fleece gloves. I haven’t done any uber long rides [600K+], but if I did I would probably want a spare set of jersey/shorts/socks/gloves around the mid-point. Ideally in a drop bag so I don’t have to carry them.

I like wool for long events as it adapts to varying temps well and is warmer/comfier wet than synthetics. It also doesn’t get smelly as fast! I’ve had good luck with Ibex & Woolistics products.

Rain chaps are not as protective as rain pants, but vent better and are easier to use. I’m not likely to start a ride with all day rain forecast, but if I did I would likely get some rain pants. I would also add a waterproof helmet cover.

My Boulder All Road 650B rando bike...


  • Boulder All Road 650B low trail rando bike
  • Grand Bois 42mm Hertres 650B tires
  • 48/36/26 x 11-32 gearing [I use only 36T front ring 99% of the time]
  • Honjo full fenders with mudflaps
  • SON dynohub + Edelux light + Planet Bike Superflash rear light
  • Selle Anatomica saddle
  • Nitto Noodle bars
  • Berthoud bar bag on a Nitto rack and Berthoud seatbag
  • frame pump + bell
  • Garmin Etrex Vista CX GPS
  • Cateye Strada bike computer
  • 2 water bottles

Berthoud bar bag on Nitto rack...


  • Petzel e+lite [clipped to helmet visor]
  • multi tool
  • tire levers [seat bag]
  • patch kit [seat bag]
  • 2 spare tubes [seat bag]
  • 1 spare tire [seat bag]
  • 2 fibre-fix emergency spokes [seat bag]
  • chain tool & spare quick link [seat bag]
  • spare set of batteries for GPS
  • pen and ziplock bag for control card
  • camera
  • cellphone
  • credit card + $20
  • ID + health insurance info

View of Berthoud seatbag...


  • dilute Kool Aid in 2 water bottles [resupply along route with water + Gatorade mix]
  • 2 sandwiches
  • 2-3 packs of shot blocks energy chews
  • 2-3 energy bars
  • carry $20 + credit card for food along route
  • eat at each control and grab water

If there are few controls and little resupply along route I will pack more water and food.

Lazy on the move...

This isn’t the most minimal nor the most excessive amount of rando gear folks carry. I think it strikes a good balance of being versatile and dealing with likely situations without needlessly weighing me down. It also handy to carry the same basic load on all brevets so you can just grab your bike and know you have what you need.



14 responses

12 04 2012

Nice post. Succinct and informative.

12 04 2012

Good post Vik, just wondering how often you get a flat? I stopped carrying a kit because, knock on wood, I haven’t had a flat i years.

12 04 2012

@Alan – I’ve never had a rando flat. On my other bikes I average about 1 flat every 2 years or so. However, given the importance of not DNFing a brevet to me I want to have everything I need for a few flats as well as a damaged tire. Within reason I don’t feel like a couple extra pounds changes my overall speed much.

12 04 2012
Ben Lively

What brand are your shoe covers? They look like they would fit over regular shoes as well as cycling shoes, and that’s what I’ve been trying to find.

12 04 2012

thanks Vik, I think tires today are waaay better than even 15 yrs ago.

12 04 2012

@Ben – that specific brand/model is no longer available, but they are similar to these ones:

@Alan – I find wider low pressure tires flat less often and I also find that some riders flat more often based on where on the road they ride and how they ride. My buddy get’s 2-5 times the flats I do on the same rides with the same bike/tires.

13 04 2012
Ben Lively

Ah, thanks. That’s exactly what I need!

13 04 2012

@alan. You wil get a flat, especially now you let the polybutyl gods in on your secret. Why avoid carrying a few ounces of reassurance–spare tube, levers, pump and risk walking?
@Vik, a good list, though IMO a bit on the heavy side for shorter brevets. I find I never need rain pants, as long as I have thick tights or leg warmers. Active legs put out a lot of heat and even in the heaviest rain my legs are never cold.
Keeping the core warm is imperative though, so good base layer is key, followed by jersey, a vest, and well-vented shell.
Feet are pretty much impossible to keep dry over the long haul in wet weather. I sometimes use two booties–a neoprene inner covered by a nylon shell, same as the ones you use … it will be a sad day when those Serratus (company started by an old climbing buddy) ones wear out.

Bonne route

13 04 2012

@Ray – I don’t want to carry less on a shorter ride. That way I’m used to carrying the same basic load no matter how long I’m out there for.

I also had an unpleasant hypothermic experience on an easy Victoria area spring 200K when I left the rain chaps at home and counted on my wool tights to get me through the finish. I’m lucky the rain was in the last 50K or I would have DNF’d that ride.

18 11 2012
John Hawrylak

Saw your Boulder 650B on VeloWeb Readers Rando Bikes. Been considering one. 3 Questions if you don’t mind:
1. Are the tubes Standard Diameter or Oversized?
2. What is the wall thickness
3. Any shimmy with the 30mm of trail?
John Hawrylak
Woodstown NJ

18 11 2012


1. tubes are skinny standard sized tubes
2. Do a search for Boulder All Road on my blog. I list the wall thicknesses in a few posts.
3. I have some shimmy, but I would say it’s because of a big frame with skinny thin walled tubes. Boulder Bikes probably won’t replicate my bike for that reason and would probably steer me to OS tubes if I was starting again. The shimymy is only when I ride hands free.

15 03 2013
James Chang

Hi Lazy,

The Ibex tights you’ve mentioned above, can you let me know if it is the El Fito 3/4 tights or the knicker? From the photo above, it looks quite loose like the knicker. Thanks.

James Chang

15 03 2013

@James – they are the tights for sure. They do look a bit baggy on the rack, but they aren’t on the body. These are the same tights:


17 03 2013
James Chang

Thanks, Vik, for confirming this. Appreicate it.

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