Rob English – Custom 29er MTB…

7 04 2012

Rob English is part of the Bike Friday team that made my favourite folding bike the Tikit. He also builds custom bikes and in this video he chats about a custom 29er MTB he built with some pretty neat details.



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7 04 2012

Ironic. I just contacted him two days about building a fork like that for me. Incredible stuff he makes.

7 04 2012

Engineering as a work of art.

8 04 2012

At NAHBS, he was showing a bike with no left side fork, or seat stay. If you don’t find any photos of it, let me know and I will post mine.


8 04 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

At NAHBS he had a binder there with some other work in it.. There was a folding 29’r that was very nice… and used a much better method than s&s couplers..I talked with him a bit..a really nice guy and definately an engineer .. He knows materials well….

8 04 2012

And he might be a contender for the HPV world record, if he has time. Also at NAHBS Sam said he might not show this year.


9 04 2012
Steve Jones

That’s a beautiful piece of work! Just look at the attention to detail. When the time comes to build my dream bike….

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