Island View Beach…

3 04 2012

Slash 'n dash at Island View Beach...

Update: for close up shots [not mine] click here.

Coming in for another run...

Leaving the beach...

Riding a wave in...

The colours of strong a strong wind forecast...=-)

Another kiter heads out for some waves...

Charging upwind...



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4 04 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

I live on the Chesapeake.. What is an average sustained wind you would need to do this?? We seem to have pretty windy winters..summer not so much.. Seems doable if my cove isn’t frozen over.. Looks like a pretty steep learning curve, am I wrong??

4 04 2012

@Greg – you wouldn’t learn in conditions as shown in these photos. That would be like learning to ski on a double black diamond mogul run!

If you have 15knts of wind you can kite. Ideally it should be steady. Very gusty wind is kiteable by an advanced rider, but not as much fun. You’ll buy gear suitable to the wind speeds typical of your home area.

It’s definitely a challenge to learn. I would plan a 1 week holiday to a destination that has ideal conditions. That should get you up and riding. You need to be committed to doing it a lot as you need lots of time riding to build skills.

Here are two local KBing businesses:

Probably the most fun sport I do and the one I do the most in a year. That’s for a reason!…=-)

4 04 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

Thanks for the feedback.. Seems like I might be ok certain times during the year.. Doesnt look easy all …. If it was everyone would be doing it.. thanks for the links too.. Just seems like since i live on the chesapeake and its windy, its the way i should be spending days off..

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