Slingshot Tyrant Surfboard + Clear Grip…

31 03 2012

She's a good looking surfboard...

Now that I am riding surfboards without straps I needed to figure out how to sort out the traction for my front foot on my Slingshot Tyrant. I basically had 3 options:

  1. wax
  2. glue on EVA deck pad
  3. NSI Clear Grip traction sheets

I’m not a fan of wax because it’s messy, needs to be reapplied frequently and ends up looking like shit. That’s a real tragedy when you’ve got a surfboard with a sweet bamboo finish like the SS Tyrant.

A glue on EVA deckpad isn’t bad option, but it would obscure the bamboo finish.

Clear Grip sheet is installed on right in both pictures in this post...

I ended up using 2 sheets of NSI Clear Grip traction material I had left over from our longboards. Clear Grip needs no maintenance for several seasons [I haven’t worn any out yet] and grips well with the booties that I ride in. Since it’s clear you can still see the board’s finish and it’s thin so you can reattach the Tyrant’s removable front deck pad and straps if you want.

I’ll be trying it barefoot this summer to see how it grips without booties on.



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14 04 2012
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[…] to enjoy the bamboo that way. I think I’d spend the $$ to put clear traction material on this SUP like the NSI Clear Grip I put on my bamboo kite surfboard recently. I love […]

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