Victoria Populaire…

24 03 2012

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We’ll be riding the Victoria Populaire tomorrow. You should as well if you live within striking distance of our fine city. Post ride we’ll be headed out for beer and snacks at a pub.



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24 03 2012

Enjoy the start to the season!

I DNF’d my first populaire a few weeks ago, but did finish my first 200k last weekend. Not bad considering my longest ride this year prior to that was only 35 miles.

I’m currently putting in some miles to see if I’m ready for our 300k in another few weeks. Just back from a tough 50 miles; more climbs than expected, and some ‘fun’ headwinds.

So glad that there’s a (new) local rando club here.

24 03 2012

Great stuff!

We’re having our San Francisco Populaire next weekend as well.

Hope you have good weather and a good time. Wish us the same!


26 03 2012

WE spoke of tandem riding today at VicPop. Feel free to get in touch if you want to try other tandems for a ride or two.

26 03 2012

@Mikael – thanks very much! My GF is off to the UK until mid-April, but I will be in touch once she his back. I hope you enjoyed your ride Sunday…=-)

29 03 2012

@Ian – congrats on the 200K….what did you ride?

@Ty – good luck with the populaire

29 03 2012

@Vik – I went with the ride of comfort, the velomobile. I know that at moderate riding its actually slower than my lowracer (about 1mph), but its so much nicer for long rides. Full and easy access to everything, just sitting in bags beside me; not to mention the full suspension for the rough roads. However, the 75 pound empty weight is a pain on the hills.

It will probably get used again for the 300k. I’d like to get the lowracer out for some long rides though. I have a tailbox for it, so carrying enough shouldn’t be a problem.

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