Return of the Shred…

22 03 2012

Scott gets the first drop in with his Jones...

After a bunch of riding down in Sedona AZ I was excited and also a bit apprehensive to return to the brooding winter trails on the South Shore of Vancouver Island’s rainforest.

The Jones Spaceframe looks right at home in the woods.

Sedona’s cheerful sunniness and endless traction had spoilt us.

Sharon takes the highroad...

I didn’t realize how much I missed our rocky, rooty, loamy trails until I went away and came back.

The lowdown...

They are challenging, but they are also beautiful.

So stoked to be home I'm glowing...

Best of all we have so many miles of trails and so few local riders it’s like a private playground.

Note the 4" & 5" rubber most of our bikes sport for traction...

Scott brought his Jones Spaceframe for its first dirt ride. It’s a super sweet bike and we are all keen to see how it performs on our trails.

Sharon carves it up...

Sharon stuck to her trusty Santa Cruz Nomad all mountain rig with skinny 2.35″ tires, but 6″+ of suspension travel at both ends to smooth out the bumps and keep the wheels glued to the trail.

Fat green machine...

I threw a leg over my Surly Pugsley that I Jones-fied as an experimental comparison with Scott’s Jones Spaceframe.

Sharon lost in the green zone...

The fact we can all ride well and have fun on such different machines is testament to the great mountain bikes that are available to riders these days. They are different for sure, but the bottom line is they can all get you around your local trails with a smile on your face.

Torture testing the Spaceframe...

The important thing is to get out there and ride your bike. The rest is just details!

Green with Envy?

I was really happy with how the Pugsley performed with knobby Surly Nate 3.7″ tires and moving my riding position a couple inches to the rear. The result is a fun playful bike that can climb slick terrain and isn’t afraid of the steeps.

I do miss Sedona's red rocks though...

It’s quite a contrast after riding a SC Nomad day after day in Sedona!

There is a reason this is called a rainforest!

There were some juicy sections of trail to remind us we were riding in costal BC.

Sharon chillaxing in the MTB skills park...

After the ride we goofed around in the Hartland MTB skills park.

Scott throwing the Jones around...

Scott impressed us with his stunt riding on the Jones.

Lean Mean Speed Machine...

I tried to operate the new DSLR reasonably well, but all the controls and options are pretty daunting I must say!

My Surly Pugsley...dirty, but happy...=-)



7 responses

22 03 2012

The landscape there is so beautiful. It’s awesome to compare those photos to your Sedona shots.

I love what you said about bike options. I’m going out tomorrow with a guy on a 29er rigid, I’ll be on my Surly Troll with front suspension and another guy will be on his $85 Craigslist Trek. Our bikes are very different but we will all have fun. Get out and ride, “the rest is just details” …Perfect!

22 03 2012
All Seasons Cyclist

The photos were great — wonderful to see a Fat Bike used somewhere besides the snow. I have to ask two questions: What tires did you have on the Fat Bike, and what tire pressure were you running at?

22 03 2012

Tires are Suly Nates…I don’t measure tire pressure I just adjust by sight and feel.

22 03 2012
All Seasons Cyclist

I have Surly Nates (27tpi) on my Pugs Necromancer and was considering putting the Larry/Endo tires back on for off-road trails this summer. I am guessing that you think the Nates are a better option for trails. Have you used the Larry/Endo combo on off-road trails before?

22 03 2012
Pat S

It took me a bit to warm up, but I have to say that it’s grown on me and I’m now fully on board with your pugs powder coat color selection. Solid, man.

23 03 2012

Not all trails are created equal. If you are getting the traction you need with Larrys/Endos then go for it as they’ll roll faster. If you have traction issues you can put 1 Nate back on the end you have issues with.

If you own a Larry/Endo set as well as the Nates than for sure I would try them if you think they work well for your local conditions. Nothing beats some experimentation…=-)

23 03 2012

@Pat – our trails are all in the gloomy forest so a bright frame shows up better in photos which was a big part of my rationale for a lime green paint job. =-)

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