SRAM Type 2 Rear Derailleur…

16 03 2012

SRAM Type 2 rear derailleurs...

I’ve been a bit jealous reading about the new Shimano XTR Shadow rear derailleur with the uber stiff spring tension to eliminate most chain slap. My SRAM equipped Santa Cruz Nomad sees lots rough terrain and chain slap is just part of my mountain biking experience. I wasn’t prepared to buy a new shifter and rear derailleur just to enjoy the reportedly blissful silence of the Shimano Shadow, but I could see myself buying a new SRAM derailleur at some point to gain the same benefits [assuming it’s compatible with my SRAM X-9 9 speed shifters]. has some details on the new SRAM Type 2 rear derailleurs – just click on the image above to jump there.



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17 03 2012

Sadly Sram 10 speed is not compatible with 9 speed shifters, im in the same boat but seriously considering switching to 10 when they are available. You can still sell 9 speed gear for a good amount.

17 03 2012

Hi, I believe the cable pull ratio of SRAM 9-speed and 10-speed MTB rear derailleurs is different. SRAM 10-speed road and MTB stuff is, however, interchangeable, e.g. Rival brifters with new X-0 derailleur. I have also heard that Shimano DynaSys 10-speed stuff has a new cable pull ratio, incompatible with any previous Shimano stuff, BUT it happens to be the same as SRAM 9-speed MTB, so you can use DynaSys shifters with a SRAM 9-speed derailleur. Not that any of that helps your issue, unfortunately.

17 03 2012

Incompatibility is a good thing. Just means I’ll ride what I have until it’s completely worn out…=-) Chain slap on my Nomad is annoying, but doesn’t cause any problems in terms of shifting or dropped chains so I’ll just live with it. Good to know next time I buy a drivetrain I can solve that problem.

19 03 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

I like the solid engagement of sram , and it looks like they will have twisters for it. So if/when I ever wear out the nine , I would be tempted to go ten…But gawd, derailleurs keep getting uglier..Gonna go hop on the Rohloff bike..

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