Santa Cruz Custom Color Choice Program…

14 03 2012

Loving the purple...

For some of its aluminum bikes Santa Cruz is now offering 12 custom colour options as well as 4  decals in 4 different colours and two finish choices. That rocks! I really like the purple and white Nomad combo shown above…with some white rims it would be killer…=-) There are two downsides to this program: cost [$300 for a FS bike] and extra time. There is often a long wait for a SC bike if you don’t want the colours in stock…having them paint a frame a custom colour will of course add more time to that process.

So many choices!

The white powder-coat on my Nomad is holding up well, but if I was starting over I’d be tempted to get a purple frame for some bling! These bikes last a long time so they are worth a little extra initial investment if a custom colour would make you smile.

When you are on the Santa Cruz site looking at a bike builder and see a CCCP box, like the one above next to the purple Nomad, just click on it to get choose a custom colour for your bike.



4 responses

14 03 2012

Interesting, “CCCP”, this is how the acronym for Soviet Union looks in cyrillics. “Союз Советских Социалистических Республик”

15 03 2012
Steve Jones

Vic, the Bike Friday people charged me about 300 dollars for the merlot Tiikit paint, (look at their prices)and that was for a small frame and they couldn’t even offer purple which I originally asked for.
So that makes the Santa Cruz look like a good deal.
And that is one good looking frame!

15 03 2012

Steve – I don’t think the SC up charge for custom paint is unreasonable, but it can be tough to come up with another $300 when you already have to spend $4K-$7K for a bike. The cost/hassle doing it later will be more than $300 so if a custom colour is important it’s definitely worth doing up front.

The bigger problem is the delay a custom colour may cause. People are often waiting months for a stock colour SC as is.

15 03 2012
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[…] and unpacking from the trip south. So no time for much of a blog post. I figured I’d share this orange CCCP Nomad which would probably be my 2nd choice after purple. I’d use white rims, cable housing, […]

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