Chuck Wagon Trail – Sedona, AZ…

8 03 2012

Enjoying the last ride...

For our last mountain bike ride in Sedona we wanted to do something fun and easy to be kind to our tired legs.

A-Man seeing red...

We headed to the west end of Sedona and rolled north up Chuck Wagon Trail.

Climbing my last slickrock....

By Sedona standards Chuck Wagon offered us some twisty buff singletrack without a ton of climbing.

Thin red line...

I decided to ride my 29er hardtail on the last day. It was fun to be on a different bike for a change of pace, but I would choose a long travel full suspension bike for riding in the Sedona area every time.

The end of our time in Sedona was bittersweet...

Making it to the end of Chuck Wagon we returned south on Gunslinger Trail which was fast and curvy.

A few last drops...

It was a bit sad to wrap up the riding in Sedona, but all good things must come to an end. We had a great time and got to see a lot of the primo trails in the area. At the same time we left many amazing trails unridden. I think I would need a solid month in Sedona to feel like I had explored the area fully.

Hmmm….that sounds like a plan…=-)



3 responses

8 03 2012
andy kennedy

Thanks for all the updates on what looks like an awesome trip! Which do you prefer, Sedona or Moab? I’m trying to decide where to go for my mountain bike trip this fall.

8 03 2012

Sedona is great all year round, but Moab rocks in the fall when the snow has melted from the La Salle Mtns so you can do the big rides.

9 03 2012
Chris Emerson

So bright, eyes bleeding.

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