The Hogs Trails – Sedona, AZ…

6 03 2012

Taking in an awesome view of Sedona from Hog Heaven Trail…

Our 2nd last day or riding in Sedona arrived Sunday and we wanted to continue to explore some of the best trails of the area.

A-Man climbs away from Chicken Point…

We saddled up at the Courthouse Vista Parking Lot and cranked north to Little Horse Trail. Riding up Little Horse Trail to Chicken Point isn’t as much fun as going the other way, but sometimes you have to pay to play!

Handy Hogs Trail map we got at the Bike and Bean…

Once at Chicken Point we started north on Broken Arrow Trail just for a bit until we hit the hard left we needed to get onto the start of Hog Heaven Trail.

We have slick rocks at home, but no slickrock!

Hog Heaven was a ton of fun and was filled with lots of exposure which seems to a trait of most of the newly developed unofficial trails here in Sedona.

Riding on a ledge…

I managed to launch myself off the bike to the right into space. Luckily a tree caught me and I didn’t tumble down a cliff to my death!

A-Man takes in the views at a rest stop…

The benefit of riding on the edge of a rock face high above the ground is that there are spectacular views whenever you have time to look around!

A-Man coming into a hard right drop on Hog Heaven Trail…

Hog Heaven fed us onto Hog Wash Trail which took us toward Broken Arrow Trail.

A-Man enjoying the hog wild experience…

The ride ended with Mystic Trail south to the Bell Rock Pathway and Little Horse to Llama Trails to the truck.

Some handy trees to catch a falling mountain biker…

There are more Hogs Trails we didn’t get to on this ride: Hogtail, Pig Tail and Hogalicious. So many trails so little time!

A-Man climbs up Hog Heaven Trail…



2 responses

6 03 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

These pics are helping my wife decide that It might be nice to move back to AZ.

7 03 2012

Sedona sure is a lovely spot.

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