Secret Trails – Sedona, AZ…

5 03 2012

Getting down to business!

A-Man and I had unfinished business with the Teacup Trail. Having recovered from his Red Rock Body Slam the previous day we went back to Coffee Pot Rock and pushed our exploration of Tea Cup Trail further than ever before!

Staying on the high ground...

Teacup Trail was even more fun now that we knew its twists and turns.

A-Man carves up the switchbacks...

At the end of Teacup Trail we rolled north up to the seven sacred pools and Soldier’s Pass.

Why I don't let A-Man navigate...

Uncharacteristically we didn’t get lost.

I love slickrock!

The trails were all top notch Sedona singletrack. Lots of flow with and ear to ear grins.

A-Man dips his wheels in a sacred pool...

The sacred pools had some water from the snow earlier in the week.

Cranking left...

Eventually we reached the end of the bike legal section of the Soldier’s Pass Trail.

A-Man rolls into the shade...

Being good MTBers we didn’t ride any further.

Thumbs up for Sedona...

Rolling back southwards we were aiming for the giant sink hole.

A-Man on the edge...

The sink hole was pretty hard to miss. You definitely don’t want to ride over the edge here.

A-Man rolls some chunk...

From the sink hole we headed east on Jordan Trail.

I've got a secret...

We turned south onto one of the secret trail network. We’d tell you which one and how to find it, but we’d have to kill you…=-)

A-Man on fire...

To be honest we don’t know which trail we were on. We just followed the blue markers and had an awesome time.

Heading for home...

Our mystery trail dumped us off on Highway 89A and we took the paved trail back to the truck at Coffee Pot Rock. Another great ride in Sedona. You gotta love it!

Follow the A-Man...



One response

5 03 2012

It was nice seeing the pictures of the Sedona area. I was there last year with my wife (that meant walking and no riding) We did hike the Soldier trail. As I hiked it I thought it would be fun for biking although I would have had to push the bike on some stretches. I remember walking past the sink hole and looking down into it. We went in mid September and when we started our hike it was 100F and 12 bottles of water later it was 105F. Air conditioning in the car never felt so good. Nice time but a bit warm. I hope that A-man caught no serious STD’s in his love making session with the tree 🙂

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