Highline Trail Time Trial – Sedona, AZ…

4 03 2012

Dave, owner of the Sedona Fat Tire Bike Shop, tweaking his Ibis Mojo HD…

Dave invited us to a weekly ride starting at the Bike and Bean Bike Shop every Friday. I knew it was going to be a hard ride and on my 2009 Sedona trip I went on 2 shop rides that kicked my ass both times. So I was a bit reluctant to accept the invitation, but I figured they’d show us some cool trails we might not otherwise see.

A-Man decided to test how tough he was on our morning ride to Coffee Pot Rock by going over the bars and body slamming some slickrock before making love to a small tree! Needless to say he made the smart move and stayed in the hotel where there was painkillers, beer, ice and TV…=-)

My view from the back of the pack…

I was able to maintain contact with the main group for the first part of the ride and started to get a bit cocky thinking it wasn’t going to be as bad as I had anticipated. However, when they turned up Highline Trail I knew I was in trouble. I didn’t have the fitness and tech skills to rocket down the narrow ribbon of trail on the side of a cliff.

The group waiting for me on Highline Trail…

We ended up completing a loop on Highline similar to what A-Man and I rode earlier in the week. Except this time we did it in 2hrs rather than 4.5hrs!  The group waited for me at the infrequent stops along the trail, but I had to ride at the edge of my puke zone the whole time to catch up.

I didn’t really even notice the scenery on this ride as I was focused so heavily on what was coming up and trying to get over all the tech as quickly as possible. Sections of the trail we stopped to play on for 20mins last time out were obliterated in a few seconds on this ride. It was an impressive pace [for me], but I don’t think I’d want to ride like that more than occasionally.

Anyone see that Canadian fall off a cliff?

On the plus side I did get to ride a couple new sections of Templeton Trail and some unnamed connector trails. My Santa Cruz Nomad was working perfectly for this high speed riding over all the rocks and drops. I was even climbing pretty good until I was dead tired at the end.

Lending out my Santa Cruz Nomad to a rider who had one on order…

I shared my Nomad stoke with one of the guys on the ride who had a Nomad on order and wanted to check out how it rode. Of course he came back all smiles – don’t let the photograph fool you…..I had just told him I wanted my bike back…=-)

The only proof I was actually on the ride…

Sadly my beloved 15yr old Dirt Rag jersey got snagged on a tree and got ripped. I’m going to have to see if Scott “The Gravel Pimp” Felter can help me cut the torn sleeve off and mod the damaged jersey to show off my muscular arms…hahahaha!

Dave on the move…

Dave is a fast strong rider who crushes all techy gnar in his path…so when he hung back with me at the end of the ride to ensure I didn’t get lost or just keel over and die that was a very considerate move. It was a bit pathetic to watch him barely pedalling ahead of me as I was driving my pedals as hard as I could and he still pulled away!

The post ride beer and pizza tasted sooooooooo good!

The ride ended on a high note for me for 4 reasons:

  1. the last part of the ride blasted downhill on the curvy Slim Shady Trail singletrack.
  2. the ride was over!
  3. there was pizza.
  4. there was beer!

Jimmy, on right, put on the ride and supplied the post ride refreshments – thanks!

Thanks to the Bike and Bean Bike Shop for organizing the ride and providing such tasty post-ride refreshments. Nothing makes you forget the pain of a hard ride like a cold beer and warm slice of pizza.



2 responses

4 03 2012
Mack Hops

Looks like an awesome day!

5 03 2012

Sounds like the soul & culture of trail riding is alive & well in Sedona. Great write up!

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