Teacup Trail – Sedona, AZ…

3 03 2012

Feeling excited for some coffee at Coffee Pot Rock...

I wanted to check out my suspension and bike fit adjustments on a faster trail than our slow march around the uber techy Airport Loop Trail. So we headed to the Coffee Pot Rock area of West Sedona and rumbled down Teacup Trail.

Several fun loops in this area...

There are a few trails in this area that offer a lot of options and loop possibilities.

Follow the cairns to stay on track...

Teacup Trail was the fast flowy Sedona trail we know and love – with just enough rocky technical challenge to make it interesting without getting silly.

Where to now?

I was pretty happy with the suspension setup that Dave from the Fat Tire Bike Shop dialed in for me. My bike carved nicely around the tight twisty corners like it was glued to the ground. I rotated my bars forward to get my weight slightly more over the front wheel so I had a more aggressive climbing position. In the long run I’ll get a 10mm longer stem and rotate the bars back towards me a bit. I’ll probably also move the saddle 10mm forward to see how I like that.

The fine art of bike fit! – fun, fun, fun…=-)

A-Man rolls back towards the trailhead...

Heading back to the parking lot we unintentionally explored a whole network of smaller trails that are in this area, but aren’t marked on any map we have. When navigating in Sedona just look up to orientate yourself using the local landmarks and retrace your tire tracks back to the last time you were sure you were on the right trail.

Wait for me!



4 responses

3 03 2012

Vik, I wonder, how do you make people shooting pictures for your blog? 🙂

3 03 2012

Misha – I’m not sure what you mean?

4 03 2012

There are plenty of shots that were made either from a tripod (or a stone) or by your fellows (e.g you’re on the picture). Since they are many pics i thought that can’t be a tripod, it takes quite some time to set it up. Am i wrong?

4 03 2012

@Misha – no tripod was used. 99% of the time either I took the photo or Aaron did. 1% we put the camera on a rock to get both of us in the shot or a passing hiker/biker took it for us.

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