Airport Loop Trail – Sedona, AZ…

2 03 2012

Riding in dangerous territory...

I had a lot of work that needed my attention in the AM on Thursday so we got a late start on the trail and decided to ride the Airport Loop Trail because it was near our hotel and had spectacular views.

A quick derailleur tune...

The start of this ride is a popular viewpoint and a fair number of hikers complete the circuit around Airport Mesa. My derailleur needed some love right at the start, but happily I was travelling with a professional bike mechanic so Aaron tweaked it for me.

Don't fall to the left!

Airport Loop Trail is definitely the most technically demanding trail we have ridden so far. Not only is it narrow and rough, but there is a serious drop off if you screw up. We ended up walking quite a few sections and I had one nearly deadly bail where I thought I was going for a long fall! The exposure on Highline Trail is tame by comparison.

A-Man climbing like an angry squirrel...

We rode around the mesa clockwise and I would probably recommend that direction for the best flow – although it will be hard either way.

The straight and narrow...

The second half of the trail was slightly downhill which meant that if I was able to pick a decent line and finesse the bike I could ride most of it. I definitely smiled more as I got closer to the end of the trail.

Top down view...

To be honest I wouldn’t suggest you take your mountain bike on this ride. I think it makes a better hike than a ride. You’ll get the same killer views and you won’t complete the trail much slower on foot!

Black tie riding...

Even though it wasn’t my favourite trail in Sedona so far it’s hard to complain too much about being out in the sunshine riding your mountain bike in such pretty country.

The eye of the cactus!

We are not big into video, but here is a little A-Man action sequence.



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7 09 2015

How long does the loop take for a fit rider?

7 09 2015

@Bob – 2hrs. Depends how much of the trail you can ride and how much you walk. It’s fairly techy the whole way round.

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