Sedona Fat Tire Bike Shop Redux…

28 02 2012

Sedona's Fat Tire Bike Shop...

It’s been 3yrs [yikes!] since my last visit to Sedona’s best bike shop – The Fat Tire. Not much has changed. Dave is still building up some of the finest mountain bikes and tuning them to perfection. I urge you not to allow him to suggest a test ride of his personal Ibis Mojo HD unless you are prepared to be both super happy [at the amazing ride] and super sad [at how lousy your MTB rides in comparison]. If there is one thing I would share that I have learned from Dave – it’s that a $5K+ uber mountain bike is useless without having the suspension tuned by a master mechanic.

Dave and Aaron talk shop...

The Fat Tire is an interesting bike shop. Walk inside and you won’t see row after row of low and mid-range bikes with a few premium bikes placed strategically around the shop. You won’t see rack after rack of widgets and accessories that you may or may not need. Nope. Walk into the Fat Tire Bike Shop in Sedona and you’ll only see a few top shelf mountain bikes that have been custom built with love to meet the specific needs of each customer and a handful of accessories optimized for local riding.

Dave holds court...

It’s sort of like a Ferrari dealership. There are no bargins to be had and if you don’t want the best product for any given mission you are in the wrong place. On the other hand if you appreciate talking to someone who loves lives to ride a mountain bike, someone who has forgotten more about bikes than you know and someone who won’t let a bike leave his shop if it’s not perfect – then Dave’s your man.

Let’s be honest – saving a few bucks and not getting what you really need isn’t a bargain anyways.

A-Man testing out Dave's personal Ibis...

The Fat Tire is the only LBS I know of that is reverse marketing – trying to get the phone to ring less. Dave wants to spend his limited time helping out folks that appreciate a top notch mountain bike experience. He’s happy to rent you a premium Ibis Mojo HD mountain bike in Sedona to maximize the your holiday experience. He’ll tune or repair your existing bike or he’ll be happy to build you up a new mountain bike with a custom build specification.

Dave showing us how it's done...

If you are in Sedona I highly recommend you stop by and talk to Dave. He’ll give you a ton of useful information about local riding. Even if you don’t live in Sedona the Fat Tire Bike Shop can help get you on the right bike.

A-Man takes aim at a sweet Ibis...

A dream of mine would be to have Dave build me up a custom Ibis Mojo HD…one of the few bikes that gives the Santa Cruz Nomad a run for its money. Not only would I get Dave to customize the build to my needs I would drive down to Sedona for a bike fit & suspension setup. Since I was in town I might as well stay for a few days and get Dave to show me around his favourite trails. Call it the Deluxe Lazy Rando Package.

Hahahaha…I may not have the budget for this at the moment, but a guy can dream! It would be money well spent…=-)

FWIW – Dave’s help setting up the suspension on my Santa Cruz Nomad in 2009 was a revolutionary experience. Not only did he get my bike running so well it blew my mind, but he took the time to explain things to me so I could keep adjusting my suspension after I left Sedona.



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29 02 2012

all of the adjustment and tuning that goes into a good FS MTB is what keeps me riding a rigid single speed. though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious…

1 03 2012
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8 06 2012
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14 10 2017
Juan Carlos Villagran

Its an old post, but it is worth notting that this dave guy is a great dude, I drive from mexico to sedona to hit the trails, and after my first ride, I had trouble with my bike, I left it there for a couple of hours to get it dix, when I picked it up, I stayed for another couple of hours talking about bikes, food and life, great dude and very knowledgeable

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