What I love most about my Nomad!

24 02 2012

The fact that it's paid for!

Anytime I start to go down the road of  thinking my Santa Cruz Nomad Mk2 might be getting long in the tooth and need replacing I go online and build up some comparable replacement bikes.

Over $7K for this beauty!

It doesn’t take too long for me to feel very satisfied with my trusty steed and for the idea of getting the existing suspension rebuilt when it needs it rather than buying a new bike.

I love the Mojo HD, but not the price!

Luckily Santa Cruz and Fox built this bike so it can be fully rebuilt at a reasonable cost. When my suspension is truly dead I’ll get Suspensionwerx in Vancouver to bring it back to life with custom internals so that the bike will not just be rolling again, but it should be better than ever!…=-)

Occasionally  I get green with envy for a carbon Nomad..=-)

I do give myself a pat on the back for buying a quality bike with a build that has stood the test of time. 3yrs after throwing a leg over my Nomad the same bike is still being sold by Santa Cruz as a state of the art all mountain gnar shredding machine. I like that. Big props to SC for not following the annual model year upgrade trend most of the bike industry is focused on. They change things when there is a worthwhile change to be made and when there isn’t their designs stand the test of time. This lets them focus 100% of their energies on new projects and priorities rather than feeling like they gotta tweak every bike every year.



One response

24 02 2012

I’m in the same thoughts as you, and even with a Santa Cruz.

I have hardly ridden it in the last 5 years, but I occasionally look at my Santa Cruz Heckler and realize its still a darn good bike. Bought it back in summer ’98. Before I moved from SoCal to Washington I upgraded with some barely used Crossmax wheels, Avid discs, and a Fox Float 100 fork. Only things I’d want to change on it are the rear shock (from coil to air) and the shifters (twist to something else).

Its nice to buy quality and a good design and have it last.

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