Zermatt Switzerland…

21 02 2012

This is a repeat, but it’s worth another look and I’m crazy busy today since I managed to delete my 2011 business tax spreadsheet. Let me assure you entering your receipts the second time is not any more fun than the first time…=-) But as Al Capone found out – you don’t mess with the Tax Man!



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21 02 2012


i really enjoy reading your blog, especially the 29er and fat bike posts 🙂

Do you have any experience with the Gates carbon belt drive system? it seems like a really nice solution but I don’t know how tested it is in the MTB world.


21 02 2012

@Nico – no I haven’t used a gates belt. I don’t really see the point when a $14 chain and IGH lasts me 1-3 years and is so cheap and easy to use.

To be honest when people shift from a derailleur/chain to an IGH/belt drive most of the benefits they perceive are due to the IGH not the belt.

What does the belt buy you? As far as I can tell just no lubing req’d and not getting dirty if you touch the chain.

The downsides to belts are many:

– very high cost
– specialize frame or modify existing frame
– limited cog sizes
– no spares available at normal bike shops
– no ability to repair a broken belt

21 02 2012

Thanks, I hadn’t seen much in the way of reviews of them so it’s good to hear your opinions. I’m touring at the moment but planning the bike I’ll build when I get back, your site has provided plenty of inspiration 🙂

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