Scandal 29er Upgrades…

19 02 2012

Crank Brothers Joplin 4 dropper seatpost & remote kit...

I’m definitely sold on the idea of an adjustable height seatpost for technical mountain biking and one of the selling points of the On One Scandal 29er frame I bought was a 31.6mm seat tube for dropper compatibility.

Joplin 4 with under the saddle lever...

To be honest I wanted a Rockshox Reverb, but I came across this CB Joplin for less than 50% of a Reverb and figured it was enough post for my needs on this bike.

Bar mounted Joplin remote kit...

I scored the remote kit for the Joplin because I may want that level of ease of use, but I’m going to try the under the seat lever to start with. I prefer the Crank Brothers remote to the Kind Shock remote on my Nomad so if I don’t end up using this remote on the Scandal it will go on my other mountain bike.

180mm disc rotor upgrade...

I’m not one of these guys that has disc brake rotor insecurity issues. For example – my Surly Big Dummy cargo bike rolls on a 160mm front rotor even with heavy loads. However, our mountain bike trails here on the South Shore of Vancouver Island are very very steep and I’ve been wanting a bit more front end braking on the Scandal so I upgraded to a 180mm rotor.

Size matters...

I had a slightly different 29er planned when I bought the RockShox Reba RLT with 9mm dropouts. Which is why I didn’t get the tapered steered tube & 15mm QR version. I decided to stiffen up the front end a bit by using a DT Swiss RWS 9mm skewer vs. the standard 5mm QR I started with. Luckily my Hope front hub will work with just about any fork axle standard out there.

Big and beautiful...

The last upgrade is swapping in one of my old Selle Anatomica leather saddles. I’m expecting some epic long MTB rides in Sedona and my butt loves the SA saddle!

Joplin 4 with Selle Anatomica saddle...



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19 02 2012


The DC

19 02 2012

I hope your luck with the Joplin is better than mine. I had the previous generation, and after 2 rebuilds, I finally gave up on it…in one season. I’d bring a backup seatpost, just in case…

19 02 2012

My buddy and I both had issues with our last generation Joplins. We got them fixed under warranty and I gave mine to my GF who doesn’t ride as much….so far she hasn’t had an issue.

My buddy actually got one of these Joplin 4’s when his older Joplin broke [friendly LBS] he rides pretty hard and it’s been going strong for two wet years.

If he hadn’t had success with his newer version I wouldn’t have bought one.

20 02 2012

I’m surprised you went with an aluminum frame. Seemed like you were steel all the way.

20 02 2012

@Adam – I’m not a materialist…=-) I’ll ride whatever makes sense for my riding needs and budget. The Scandal had all the features I wanted at a nice price. The fact it’s AL is neither a selling point nor a negative in my book. I’m running a 100mm fork up front and big soft 29 x 2.4″ tires so it’s not a particularly harsh ride.

I’d be happy to ride a carbon frame if the right one came my way. OTOH I don’t get all hot and bothered for carbon….it’s just another frame material.

22 02 2012

Vik, would an adjustable seatpost like this be compatible with a loaded seat bag? or would you just not use the adjustable function whilst seat bagging?

22 02 2012

@Alan – I would switch back to a rigid post for bikepacking, but you could probably make the right dropped post work if you really needed to. My main concern would be scratching the stanchion coating and having issues with the seal.

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