Sedona 2012…

18 02 2012

Red Rocks - Rock!

I was totally bummed when I couldn’t go down to Moab last fall and mountain bike. I have a special relationship with the desert that puts a huge smile on my face every time I roll my tires across its dry rocky trails. However, life does place obstacles in our path that can’t be denied sometimes. That said I am nothing if not persistent! So I’ll be down in Sedona from about 26 Feb through 6 March. If any blog readers are in the area and want to hook up for a ride and some beers just drop me a line. Aaron “A-Man” Mankowske will be accompanying me to get his fine Kona Explosif all dusty…=-)

Sorry for the lack of advanced notice, but I didn’t want to be talking about the trip until it was pretty solid. I don’t want to be that Blogger that’s all keyboard and no riding….;-)

Hopefully I can make it down to Moab this fall since Burning Man is a bust for us. I want to ride the Whole Enchilada real bad!

BTW – if anyone knows of cheap accommodation in Sedona that’s got solid WiFi let me know.



3 responses

18 02 2012

Check out the Red Agave. Good wifi, great rates, right on the trailhead. I blogged about it in January.

18 02 2012

@Lawfarm – thanks – I saw it on your blog…I’ll check ’em out.

18 02 2012

Dude, I was just in Sedona! What an amazing place. I sure wish I had a mountain bike the day I was there. Looks like a successful day!

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