Almost Stole Two!

13 02 2012

Threading the green...

Waking up Sunday the ground was wet from overnight rain and the forecast for the day was a wet one, but once again it wasn’t raining as I sipped my usual cup of hot tea in the morning. Hmmmmm….I decided on a bold plan to steal another ride on what was supposed to be a rain day.

Sunday Rainy Sunday!

My level of seriousness is clear when I say that I skipped cup of tea #3…generally I can barely get my pants on before that third cup has been consumed and the caffeine, milk and sugar do their magic. However, I figured the Bike Gods might appreciate such a sacrifice and have a chat with the Rain Gods to give me some extra time so I could crank some extra turns!

Taking a dip...

The good news is it didn’t start to rain before I left my house. The bad news is that it did start to rain before I could start my ride at the Partridge Hills parking lot. Now I am no foul weather rider and I won’t leave my house in the rain for a ride unless someone’s life is at stake. However, in my admittedly arbitrary rules of engagement manual –  rain in the parking lot leaves some room for discretion since I was already there and geared up.

Where is a tree when I need one?

The forest takes a while to saturate before the trees dripping on you equals the same level of wetness as the rain above the canopy. So what the heck I’m running an IGH I fear no mud…=-) Cranking up the multiple climbs that take you to the Partridge Hills trails I didn’t regret my choice. I had a beautiful green and brown landscape all to myself.

Evidence of a good time in the woods...

While I wouldn’t say I knew where I was the whole time I did manage to link up and ride some of my favourite P-Hills trails. I climbed some of the steepest loosest sections ever thanks to the excellent 29er traction and my ability to lock in my riding position on the hardtail. All in all a great day to ride and I am glad I scored rides on both days this weekend. =-)

This video isn’t of me or my bike, but it’s a 29er hardtail being ridden in the same terrain with a similar soundtrack playing in my head…=-) I figured it would give you a better sense of what South Shore Vancouver Island riding is about.



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