A-Man Urban Mobility Style…

11 02 2012

Looking good & being mobile!

The Bridgestone Knickerbocker Hombre:

  • Cap – Walz Organic Cotton
  • Jacket – Sombrio Wingman. Stuffs into it’s own pocket, pit vents & large hood
  • Shirt – Thick cotton, made by the Gap, purchased at a used clothing store
  • Undershirt – Sugoi merino base layer (don’t buy one, this one sucks.)
  • Knickers – Ibex commuter wool. Love it, warm & comfy & has been holding up extremely well. Go buy one now & rejoice.
  • Gloves – Knog “Moose Knuckle” winter glove. Leather palms, padded & large terry-cloth sections on thumbs ( left hand for snot, right hand for sweat, don’t mix ‘em up, trust me I know.)
  • Socks – Point6 Merino Wool. Slightly thicker for winter, thin low cuff ones in the summer. Nice & toasty with no funk.
  • Shoes – Timberland, reg. street shoes, nothing fancy.

It's not all about the bike..;-)

If you want to see the whole A-Man photo shoot click here.

Aaron standing up for Folder Power!

Small Wheels Big Smile:

  • Cap – Walz cotton
  • Vest – Gore Bike Wear. Windstopper front w/ mesh back panel. One of the best clothing purchases I’ve ever made. Inconspicuous & rolls up very small. Two front zip pockets.
  • Sweater – Chrome Cobra Merino ( I like wool, can you tell?)
  • Jersey – Adidas polo type. Crazy soft, wicks well & looks pretty dashing.
  • Knickers – Ibex, what can I say? I wear these everywhere.
  • Socks – Point6
  • Shoes – Tsubo Tacoma, reg. street shoes, no cleat bolts (for clipped riding I use either my Specialized TR Elites , Diadora Cayman ( which are well over 10 years old & still going strong), & for mtn. riding on a pair of Shimano AM50s.

A-Man Fast Getaway Styles...

Unrelated music video…

A-man feeling Victorian...

Sensitive Cyclist:

  • Cap – Walz cotton
  • Jacket – Sombrio Habitat
  • Shirt – Billabong Slim fit, cotton
  • Knickers – Swrve Mid-weight , wind & water resistant, cotton.
  • Gloves – Knog again
  • Socks – Still more wool
  • Shoes – Timbers again
  • Beard – All natural

The A-Mansion...

Another audio intermission…

A-Man Code Red...

A-Man Speaks:

“As you can no doubt see, I don’t subscribe to the “pylon” school of cycling dress. Being seen is important and I take measures to ensure a prudent amount of visibility is established. There gets to be a point of redundancy, I believe, where any more puke yellow/green & reflective strips no longer offers proportionate security. Like most I’m a little vain and take pride/satisfaction in my appearance.

Ultimately it’s the ride/destination that determines what I’ll be wearing. If it’s for errands or social calls then I’ll be wearing more incognito type clothing. Weather is the other major decider, I don’t like to be a rain blasted, shivering mass when I finally arrive or a fountain of sweat. My internal furnace tends to run pretty warm so I have to factor that in on longer rides, layers/pieces that are easily adjusted are best to regulate temperature. How the items function can have a great impact on your ability to control your comfort when riding/hiking, snowboarding etc. Is there provisions for ventilation, water resistant & breathable vs. water proof & not breathable, material construction, type of seams/stitching, etc. It can be a fine balance between just right, Franklin-esque frozen, or jungle rot funkiness. Everyone needs to figure this for themselves and it can take a while to get sorted.”

Speed and Beauty...



One response

11 02 2012

I can relate to A-Man’s considerations and aesthetic, especially when it comes to redundancy and visibility. In town, I always thought strobes are more effective in cutting through visual traffic clutter anyway. As for clothes, I always think back to Thoreau’s quote, something like “Beware of any enterprise that requires new clothes,” making combination most important. I have had great luck with a light, windblocking vest and knickers, and in general if there is wetness involved, it shouldn’t take forever to dry. If I’m wearing pants, an ankle strap won’t kill me. The rest is pretty much whatever you got.

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