Scott is a God!

8 02 2012

Life ain't fair...=)

Loaded these photos on Flickr at the same time. I throw a HUGE wheelie and get 6 views…;-) Scott “The Bag Man” Felter pops a tire off a rim and gets 38 views!!! Sadly that’s just life when you hang out with a Rock Star…=-)

Note to self: next time you upload a photo dropping a 5′ ledge of death don’t put it next to a photo of Scott adjusting his hydration pack……hahahahaha!



5 responses

8 02 2012
Anthony DeLorenzoAnthony

I only saw the flat tire one as it was most recent…. My contacts page only shows one photo per contact. So upload the best one last. 🙂

8 02 2012


8 02 2012

Really? – Scott told me it was because he is just naturally more sexually potent and that attracts viewers!

9 02 2012

let’s hear about that new 29er you’re riding!

9 02 2012

I’m going to ride it a bunch before posting any reviews.

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