Splish Splash at Hartland…

2 02 2012

I just can't slow down...=-)

Scott and I went to check out the condition of the Hartland MTB Park trails yesterday. We’ve been riding them all winter and they are definitely wetter than ever. Once they dry out this spring we should feel like super bikers with traction galore. I’m almost getting used to the constant sliding and spinning of tires.

Scott does a lot of waiting...

Scott has been riding his Hunter 29er rigid for the last couple months. He’s so fast compared to me that he’s going to start bringing magazines to read on our rides so he can pass the time more enjoyably while he waits for me.

This looked soooo epic from the top...really it did...=-)

It’s already staying light out far longer than in Dec. Another month and we’ll have to start our rides late if we want to do a night ride instead of being forced to use lights on just about every ride like in Dec. It’s also warm again and I am wearing the same clothes I mountain bike with in the summer.

Scott takes the high road over the water...

I had a near ride ending derailleur munch. When I stopped to investigate and saw my rear derailleur all bent and jammed up into the cassette I was pretty sure I was walking back to the car. However, to my surprise I was able to get it working again. It was making some unhappy noises so I’m not sure if I’m going to have to replace anything yet. Some daylight investigations of my Nomad’s drivetrain today are in order.

She's a dirty girl....

Back in Calgary this sight would have made me cry, but out on the Wet Coast it’s now just the sign of a fun ride. Better still the soil out here isn’t damaged by wet riding so you can have fun and the trails won’t get thrashed.

Electric Green Machine...



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3 02 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

Nice looking terrain there… so green

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