Wool Buff Review

31 01 2012

Click on image for my original Buff review...

I posted my original Buff review way back at the start of 2009 – click on image above to read it. By that point I had been using these tubular neck/head warmers for years. My love affair with them has continued and I take at least one on every trip I go on. I generally use them as neck/face warmers like the photo show above, but I have been known to use them in more inventive ways occasionally…=-) I haven’t posted about them much in the last couple years because although they are highly useful – they are also dead simple so what more can you say? Well I recently got a merino wool Buff for Christmas from some friends which was an awesome surprise gift.

Looking Buff!

These wool buffs are very cozy to the touch and are available in some classic/classy designs if you want to look a bit more NYC than REI. They are longer than my synthetic Buffs for better coverage or doubling over for more warmth. Of course they have all the usual benefits of wool – staying warm when wet, odour resistant and excellent temperature regulation. I haven’t had this wool Buff long enough to judge its durability, but the construction seems robust so I am hopeful for a long service life with some reasonable care.

Buff product details - click for larger text...

If you are new to the Buff world try one out. You’ll probably be like me and find it hard to imagine how you lived without one.



7 responses

31 01 2012

i used my synthetic buff as a pot grabber on one campout and it melted a spot on it. That’s no fault of Buff but I’m glad to have a wool one now that wouldn’t succumb to heat in the same way.

31 01 2012

Being a knitter, it was a hard decision to spend the $30 on a wool tube when I was pretty sure I could come up with something close. I am glad I did go ahead and buy one, they are thinner than anything I could knit and very soft. I use mine daily for my bike commute as a neck gaiter and have taken it bike camping where I found it useful to wear on my head when it was chilly in the morning. So far it has survived the wash machine (front loader) but I don’t put it in the dryer. I am really getting my money’s worth out of it.

31 01 2012

I’ve had my merino wool Buff for the past two years, and living in NL there isn’t a day I won’t be found not wearing or having it within arms reach. Though, constant use for the past two years has loosened the fabric from stretching, but nothing to complain about.

31 01 2012

I appreciate my Christmas present of a merino Buff® in this cold weather.
Less impressive than the warmth is the fact that the pattern began wearing thin after four half-day’s use and then it entirely disappeared on the first washing at 30degrees. Is that usual?

31 01 2012

I love mine (wool) and my missus loves her synthetic version as well. She brings it on trips most of the time because it can be used to pull back her hair as desired. I use mine in the cooler months as a head warmer.

I really like sleeping with it on my head because it doesn’t fall off like a normal knit cap would and it keeps my cheeks warm too.

1 02 2012

Do the wool ones stop wind as well as the synthetic ones?

1 02 2012

Hi Vik,
They kick ass. I am so glad I bought one, quite possibly after reading your original review!

Paz 🙂

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