Slingshot Tyrant Kite Surfboard Sale

30 01 2012

Click on image for my review...

I was poking around the Kite Paddle Surf Bellingham clearance section and noticed that my favourite kite surfboard [Slingshot Tyrant is on sale for $569USD down from ~$800]. You can read my review by clicking on the image above. This board performs like a champ in bigger conditions and the construction is bomber for jumping and getting smashed onto the beach when it gets carried in on a wave. It also looks so sweet with its bamboo and carbon fiber construction. The changes for 2012 aren’t major so this is a great deal on a sweet board. I like mine so much I’m planning on getting another Slingshot surfboard – just trying to figure out which model as they have so many to choose from.

Click on image to see the 2012 Slinghshot Surfboard line up...

This is what Andy from KPS has to say about the Tyrant:

“If I am going out in waves larger than my armpit, this is going to be my board of choice hands down.  It is fast, responsive, and you can drive it through anything like its a hummer.  This board impressed me the most because I perfected my jibes with its smooth turning characteristics, and learned about toe side riding in waves.  It took me to the next level in the surf and gave me a grin I still haven’t wipe away from my face.”

Burly tri-fin setup...

Last winter when I was down in La Ventana with my Tyrant for the first time there were only a few on the water and most were being ridden by people I knew. Fast forward to this winter and I saw Slingshot Tyrants under a good chunk of the kiters riding surfboards. I’m not surprised at all and I suspect it will be a dominant model down there next winter since people now have access to discounted 2011 stock like the sale at KPS. It’s a classic board I won’t be selling and with such a durable construction it’s going to be around for many seasons of kiting.When Sharon is ready to try a directional kiteboard I’ll get her out on the Tyrant and I’m sure she’ll come back smiling.



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30 01 2012
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