650B Dirt Dawgs…

30 01 2012

My Boulder Bicycle 650B rando rig...

Training might be too strong a word for our first road ride of 2012, but when you are as lazy as we are you need to count every pedal stroke. I was stoked that pulling my Boulder Bicycle All Road down from its winter slumber hanging from the wall of my office didn’t reveal much work needed to get her operational. Some air in the tires and dead batteries in the taillight & bike computer were the only items that needed attention. I like a bike that doesn’t need a ton of maintenance.

Pre-ride shenanigans...

Taking a photo break...

Aaron's new Bridgestone rando beast...

You can always spot the rolling pumpkin...

A few more tweaks...

eVent jacket and wool keep me comfy and dry...

Aaron coming...

A lot of the ride was slick gravel or mud - perfect 650B terrain...

Aaron going...

Hanging with our good friend...



12 responses

30 01 2012

Glad you got one in,my friend! LOVING that 650B 🙂

The DC

30 01 2012

Is Aaron only running one break on his Bridgestone? I fondly remenber those bikes. I wish I could get a hold of one too (not to say the Boulder all-road isn’t a fine machine, it is!)

30 01 2012

Aaron – hasn’t found a rear brake he wants to use yet. The Bridgestone is a fine machine. My Boulder is jealous of the way the red colours pops in photos…..=-)

30 01 2012

its a close call between the purdy red thing and those lovely hammered fenders on yours. But in the end it’s a bit like a miss world contest and we aren’t calling either ugly …..

30 01 2012
Aaron M

Good news everyone, I found a rear brake that fits! I’ll use it until I find another red Shimano DX V-brake. Next up is some metal fenders & a real seatpost bag. The bike rides very well & is far lighter than my Kogswell.

28 02 2012

How does the Ortlieb handlebar bag attach to the seatpost?

28 02 2012
Aaron M

It’s actually an Axiom bag but potatoe/potato in this case. I used a Minoura SGL 300 Space Bar with some fr. der spacers (to gap out the post dia.), electrical tape (to protect the post finish) and installed it with the bag mount clamped to the space grip. I did have to mod the clamp latch as it spread open under the required torque to keep it from swaying side to side when the bag was loaded. For that I replaced the stock, open ended, loop with a DT Swiss stainless spoke that I bent & cut to shape and tied it around itself so as not to “spread” open. It was a fast and dirty job so that I could carry some stuff with me on our ride. The bag was very sturdy but not perfect & ended up resting slightly on the fender. The fender was a plastic cheapo unit and contacted the tire slightly by the end of the ride. An aluminum fender would probably be strong enough not to flex down but I’d work out a better solution than leave it as such. I carried some energy bars, small wind shell, wallet, keys, etc. & still had room to fit in some water bottles that I bought (not filled) but I had to wear the shell to make room. For a slap-dash mount job it worked very well but it still would need some refining to make it work. Since that ride I’ve been experimenting with a Carradice and Ostrich cotton-duck saddle bag that mount onto the back of my Brooks Flyer & seat post. On the Flyer model the springs interfere slightly with the way the bag hangs. My next cargo experiment will involve some custom panniers & a rack of my own design. I hope that was helpful Aaron. Happy Randos

29 02 2012

That’s very helpful! Thanks!

Yeah I found that KLICKFIX makes a seatpost clamp that’s compatible with my Ortlieb, but it probably wouldn’t have the clearance. They also have an extended version, but then you have to get the main connector in addition. And they’re all only in England, so shipping. 😦

I found somewhere that someone suggested a tandem stoker stem with a handlebar stub. That’d be fine, but still a little expensive and would need to be more permanently attached.

Which is the long way to say “I like your solution and might give it a shot!”

Although I think at this point I need to just bite the bullet and get a nice frame pack.

7 03 2013

Damn, that’s one heavily modified RB-1. Can Aaron share what has been done to accommodate the 42mm GB tires and fenders? Looks like cantilever bosses were added to the frame and fork? What type of gearing is running on the RB-1? Wow!!! Never seen one quite like it. I’ve got a 1993 stock RB-1 that barely fits 28mm tires, but this is with 700C of course. Being able to fit fatter tires is very cool but cramming in 42mm + fenders is on a whole different level.

7 03 2013
Aaron M

Lohe, The bike is an XO-3, not an RB-1. That’s how I was able to fit the tires & fenders. The XO-3 & RB-1 use a different wheel size/width, 26″ vs. 700c. Shortly after this ride I bought some Velo Orange “Zeppelin” 650Bx52mm fenders & they fit into the frame with no modifications. The gearing I used was a Campagnolo Veloce 10spd system. Cranks are compact gearing of 50-34t & a 13-26t cassette for a nice tight gear spread. If you want to soften up your RB-1 then I’d purchase some Grand Bois Cypres in a 700x28c size, a super light tire with a amazingly supple casing. On my 700c bike I run 80psi max in the rear & 65-70psi in the front tire. With the 650B Hertre I usually put in about 55-60psi to keep the ride comfy & efficient. Hope that was helpful to you.

8 03 2013

Hi Aaron,

XO-3!!! That explains a whole lot. So it’s a 26″ to 650B conversion. Makes perfect sense now. Thanks for talking the time to respond.

17 12 2013
Tony D

Both fine looking bikes and a good ride report! I’ve got a twin of Aaron’s XO-3 in the garage right now… That 650b conversion is pretty darn exciting I have to tell you! I hasn’t even considered that as an option. My 650b trek I’d a bit tight with the hetre’s but works. I’m going to try that wheel set on the XO soon. Any more pictures of your Bridgestone would be really fascinating to check out!

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