Patagonia Slopestyle Hoody Review…

29 01 2012

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This is my favourite everyday jacket. I can’t think of any major trip that this hoody hasn’t been on with me since I got it. My original one [tan hoody below]is wearing out at the seams and cuffs from too much love.  It looks ratty enough I’ve had to banish it from city use and save it for my outdoor adventures. I have 2 more of these – a sweet looking black one I keep minty fresh for business meetings and social engagements where I have to look smart. I just bought another brown one this weekend which will be my day to day hoodie. Luckily I’ve never had to pay full retail for one of these jackets. I always seem to find them at 50%-65% of MSRP. I’m not sure why, but they seem to be under appreciated by the normal Patagonia shoppers.

Slopestyle fishing...

What I like about the Slopestyle Hoody?:

  • fits my build perfectly
  • relaxed fit has room for a light insulating layer underneath
  • DWR coating sheds light rain & snow
  • reasonably wind resistant for cool days on the beach
  • breathes well so you don’t get sweaty inside when biking
  • tough fabric resists stains and abrasion well
  • light and packable enough to always take along
  • doesn’t wrinkle easily so you can pull it out of a backpack at walk into a restaurant looking decent
  • doesn’t get too funky when worn while exercising
  • often on sale for a reasonable cost
  • perfect cross over piece to go from sporty to urban and back
  • if the lazy rando blog had a pro-model jacket this would be it!

Slopestyle surfing...

My plan is to keep buying them on sale when they cross my path so even if Patagonia stops making them I can wear one of these jackets for the next decade or two…=-)



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