Victoria BC Unicycle Club

28 01 2012

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A long time ago I posted on this blog about wanting to find a local Victoria unicycle club and although it took some time through the power of the internet folks from the club found the post. My buddy Paul lent me two unis, but my lack of skill and knowledge have kept me from learning much beyond how much I suck at riding a unicycle. However, my enthusiasm remains strong. I’ll be going to the clinic on 23 Feb and I may even pay for some private lessons before then just to get the ball rolling.



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28 01 2012

After owning a uni for 10+ years, I finally learned to ride one this summer. They say it takes 20 hours of practicing and I’d believe it. And that means 20 hours of sitting in the saddle and trying, not just thinking about it, thinking about trying or holding on to the fence chatting about trying!

We used a fence along the border of a tennis court and that worked well being flat and smooth and you could grab the fence.

Good luck!

30 01 2012

Keep at it, Vik! Give it one or two days of really hard practice and it will start to become more rewarding and less frustrating. And once you’ve got it, never forget those few days you practiced so hard because you’ll be answering the same question from strangers forever: “How long did it take you to learn?”


1 02 2012

Hello Vik

I’m a reasonably unco 45 year old but when my kids were learning unicycling at school I took up the challenge. Kids get it in 5-10 hours, took me about 20 before I could ride consistently.

I grabbed a Kris Holm 29er Muni on sale that mostly gets used on pavement with a fat Big Apple tyre. Great fun!

– Antoine

p.s. You think you can pop a wheelie on your Pug now? Wait until you’ve got those unicycling skills dialed.

4 11 2012

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