Liquid Force Envy Kite Review Update

26 01 2012

Sharon rigging her 9m Envy...

I demo’d and reviewed 2010 and 2011 Liquid Force Envy kites the last two seasons. I posted my thoughts on this blog and you can read them by clicking on the image above. Bottom line with any review is would you spend your own $$ to buy the gear and are you stoked to use it? As an update to my previous Envy kite reviews let me answer that question by saying:

  • Sharon bought a 9m Envy as her first kite and loves it.
  • She liked it so much she is buying a 7m Envy for higher winds.
  • I liked riding her 9m Envy on my strapless surfboard so much I’m buying a 12m Envy and we are going to share a quiver of Liquid Force Envy kites.

I don’t think a reviewer can make a stronger statement than that. These kites rock for new kiteboarders like Sharon who are just finishing up their lessons and heading out on the water by themselves. I knew that based on my previous reviews. However, the more time I spent flying her Envy the more impressed I was how much fun it was to fly when I was strapless on a surfboard. The Envy turns fast on its axis and pulls consistently through the turns. It’s light and stable enough that if you ride underneath it or get worked by a wave it will stay in the air and do its best to get you back riding with as little drama as possible. And if the shit does hit the fan the construction is very robust – ideal for new kiters who crash their kites a lot and experts who are pushing their limits.

Here I am "borrowing" Sharon's Envy...=-)

I gotta give Andy at Kite Paddle Surf Bellingham a shout out.  He was trying to turn me onto the Envy back in 2010. Everything he told me back then was spot on – even if it took me 2 years to appreciate the finer points of his advice. I can be a slow learner! So of course that’s where Sharon and I buy all our Liquid Force gear. On my way back from La Ventana Baja this year I emailed Andy and told him to put a 7m and 12m Envy on hold for us. I’m sure he had a chuckle realizing that I had finally “got it”! Great advice – great service and great prices – KPS deserves my business. Liquid Force KIteboarding also deserves a shout out for making a solid kite that’s so much fun to ride. I definitely appreciate the 2012 graphics as well! Yeah that’s my polite way of saying I wish Sharon didn’t want a quiver of pink kites…hahahaha….=-)

2012 Envy colours...

Here’s a 15 second summary of my review of the Liquid Force Envy kite:

  • stable
  • beginner friendly
  • easy relaunch
  • great depower and safety system
  • turns fast on its axis
  • constant power through turns [excellent low end]
  • lightweight so it floats back in the window if you lose tension in the lines rather than falling out of sky
  • robust construction that can take some abuse
  • super easy to inflate with single point pumping and huge Liquid Force inflation valve
  • low/medium bar pressure [less than old LF Havoc more than OR Rise]
  • ideal for new kiters and strapless/wave riding
  • not the most lofty jumper [if you want huge air pick a kite with a flatter profile like the Liquid Force NRG]
  • 2012 colours & graphics are HOT!



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