Homebrew All Mtn 29er…

25 01 2012

Click on image for more info.

I stumbled across this homemade 29er hardtail on MTBR.com. The builder made this in his garage in his spare time while helping his wife out with their new twins. Build quality is stellar and the whole post is worth reading just for the bike porn alone.



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25 01 2012
Aleksandrs (@bordusko)

Link missing?

25 01 2012

The link for the image click isn’t working… pretty bike though, and I can’t wait to hear about yours!

25 01 2012

Found the link anyway,
Nice. I thought that the seat tube was curved, but no, it’s two tubes welded! Lots of work put into that one, and I love the color.

25 01 2012

Sorry link is now fixed.

25 01 2012
Biking With Brad

Hate to get into semantics but if they are his twins and he hasn’t just stepped in to help a single mom, he’s not “helping out”. It reminds me of a fun quote I read recently “If they are your kids, you are not babysitting!” Different strokes for different folks though. One friend I know started bike racing heavily with the arrival of his second set of twins. You read that right, two sets of twins. I don’t know how he stays married.

25 01 2012

Wow! Makes me wish I could still ride. After a back surgery in November I am reduced to the mortorized 2 wheeler. Love the Sedona area. Used to live in Phoenix and go up there nearly every weekend.

25 01 2012

That’s a damn nice looking bike 😀

The DC

25 01 2012

Hey BwB,

I am a father of twin girls as well, they are 11 months old now and I am on a full time parental leave already for quite a few months, and my wife returned to work few months ago. I am babysitting them from 7 to 19 without a break.

I managed to get parts and assemble completely new bike, fix my wife’s one, we had a few multiday bike trips with our girls, so on and on. Even writing my thesis from time to time. Now due to that I am riding with kids *every* single day about twenty kilometers during their daily nap. They sleep this way much better/longer than inside. And we have very nice afternoons then when my wife gets back home. Perhaps the mtbr guy does something like that as well?

Surely my coffee consumption went high, but there is some room for hobbies and stuff, one just must be planning things really well. Cooperation with the partner is super important too, my wife does support my not-baby-related activities, just as I supported hers. Otherwise one may go crazy from being just with the babies, and they do need sane parents 🙂

No idea how tough was the time for the bike builder or the racer you’ve mentioned, but it’s surely possible under some conditions.


30 01 2012

Very nice frame.
However, there is a very interesting presentation by Gerrit Gaastra for Bulls bicycles (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8crMJGu9UOM – German language, sorry) where he explains their new 29er bikes and addresses those curved seat tubes. According to Bulls’ testing and racing experience with 29er bikes, there is absolutely no use in making seat tubes bent forward with 29″ bikes, since it massively reduces climbing performance. You would simply fall over backwards. They do it the other way round: manufacturing frames with longer rear stays (chain stay), approx. 2-4cm longer than with 26″-wheel frames additionally.
I personally do not ride a 29″ MTB, but anyway I love the longer rear stays of my custom 26″ MTB frame leaving lots of tire clearance and giving better uphill capabilities.

30 01 2012

@Phil – long chainstays are not popular in North American 29er designs because they make it hard to lift the front wheel over obstacles and to manual. They also make the bike slow to respond in very tight twisty singletrack. If you ride smoother more open terrain long chainstays make sense. As with all things your bike design needs to suit your local terrain and riding style.

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