Thanks Westjet!

18 01 2012

Westjet loves kiteboarders!

I don’t shop for plane tickets based on price. At least not on the cheapest price. I care more about the quality of the flight experience and how much hassles I’m likely to encounter en route. That doesn’t mean I can afford my own private Leer jet, but it does mean I’ll always see what options are available with my favourite airline – Westjet. On this last trip to Baja I flew Westjet primarily because the cost was within 20% of the lowest alternative, the number of layovers was limited to 1 either way and the excess baggage charges were reasonable and well understood.

I flew down with:

  • beach camping gear for a month [less a tent which was down there]
  • clothes
  • 2 kites
  • 1 twin tip kiteboard
  • 1 surfboard 6’2″
  • all my kiteboarding gear [wetsuit, harness, booties,impact vest, pump, control bars, etc…]
  • backpack with books & computer in it

Excess baggage charges to fly down $75. On the way home I added a 5’3″ surfboard to the mix and the excess baggage charges totalled $20. That’s less than $100 for all my excess baggage to Mexico and back. Sweet!

I don’t mind paying a bit extra when I fly with so much gear, but I want the charges to be reasonable and applied fairly. Thanks Westjet for another great flight!…=-)



4 responses

19 01 2012
Micheal Blue

Jee, Vik, how did you get all the stuff to and from the airport? Rented a 5-ton 🙂 ?

19 01 2012

GF’s Honda CRV…swallows up a 6’2″ surfboard nicely!

24 01 2012

I work for WestJet and a lot of people rage about how they have to pay for their sporting equipment. Thanks for sharing your positive experience and viewpoint!

24 01 2012

@Robert – no problem…just keep the baggage charges reasonable and I’ll pay without complaint…=-)

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