Better than nothing!

14 01 2012

We went mental on the rentals!

Sharon scored us two rental bikes for the time she was down here in Baja. An old Trek I posted pictures of last week or so and newer, but not better Cannondale hardtail MTB. Neither bike worked well or fit us, but you know I came to appreciate how efficiently these mismatched steeds got us around town despite their short comings. Even a fairly crap bike is still far better for covering ground than walking and I had a surprising amount of fun riding them. I was not sad to see them go back to their owners, but I’ll have fond memories of our brief time together.

I’ll also appreciate my own bike so much more! Bikes that shift, brake and fit properly – how sweet life is…=-)



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14 01 2012

I always like the opportunity to ride bikes that aren’t mine for that very reason…it’s cool to share time with another bike,feel it’s particular idiosincracies (bet I mispelled that,LOL!),and then coming back to my own is like coming home after a trip,LOL! Cool post 🙂

The DC

15 01 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

A rental bike is better than rotting in a hotel room I always say..Ive learned to appreciate, shimano deore.. cheap forks..really cheap mechanical disk brakes and wheels that are less than round.. When Im on the road I know what rental bikes to get in different cities.. I always bring my own pedals and let the rest be a surprise..Ive had some really good rides in SLC , BOI and San Jose.. on bikes that I wouldnt even think to ride if I was at home.. It goes to show you that you can still have a good time.. Ive roosted more trek 4300’s and Raleigh M-50’s than I would like to count..

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