Salsa FS Fatbike Prototype…

11 01 2012

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Salsa is working on a full suspension fatbike frame. It’s just a concept as of this time and without a decent production suspension fork it’s not likely to see the light of day. Having said that it’s a great idea and the fact Salsa is working on a frame at all means it has some chance of becoming reality. That’s very cool.

Click on the image above to read more over on the Salsa site and leave the a comment if you are stoked so they can see there is lots of enthusiasm for the idea.

My own personal wish list would be:

  • 75-100mm travel front and back
  • quality adjustable production fork from a major brand [RS/Fox/etc…]
  • clearance for 3.7″ knobby tires on 82mm rims
  • rear end 135mm hub with 17mm offset for IGH compatibility
  • frame/shock + fork cost ~$2K



9 responses

11 01 2012

i dunno, is 100mm of travel useful with those big puffy tires at low pressure already? i have never ridden a fit bike but what lures me is how soft on the body they would be without the potential hassles suspension can cause while out and about.

11 01 2012
John Campbell

This would be the bee”s knees on my pug…!!!
do you know if they have plans for a frame kit?

11 01 2012

Does Xzibit work at QBP? This has “yo dawg…” written all over it.

11 01 2012

@Barry – 3″-4″ would be very useful for a fat bike used on hard ground. On sand and snow I’d ride rigid probably. There is no shortage of rigid fat bike options if that’s what you want.

@John – I doubt there are any plans at all at this point beyond trying out some prototypes. Until there is a viable production suspension fork option that doesn’t suck they can’t really sell a FS bike anyways. I would expect it would be 2013-14 before you would see anything for sale – if it all goes well.

11 01 2012

I find it curious that Salsa is throwing this prototype out there for public comment. What’s the rational for this. Why not develop the product and then put it out there. I know the auto industry has used this tactic for decades. Put a concept car in the public eye to test the interest in it.

Maybe Salsa is trying to demonstrate there is a market for a FS fat bike to the big names in suspension forks to show it’s worth their time to develop a suspension fork? Maybe they want to see how much buzz this creates?

12 01 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

I was kinda meh about it , until I read igh compatible.. but still that is ” a lot of bike” not sure its something I would need….Neat engineering though.

13 01 2012
Steve Fuller

Doug – I personally like the fact that they threw this out there. Salsa knows that their core audience are bike enthusiasts and they also know that audience has a wide breadth of skills and experiences. They may have an idea of how they might use this, but opening it up to a wider audience gives them a lot more to work with. I do think there is some truth to your comment about convincing other vendors that there is a market for this so that they can get the requisite partners on board. I’m excited to see where this leads and what it means for future product development.

6 02 2012

Turns out that there is a solution out there for a suspension “fork”; check out this post from the DrunkCyclist:

The idea is to modify a Cannondale Lefty by using custom crowns to accommodate a wider tire. I’m guessing that the dish on the wheel is a bit odd, but it might just be crazy enough to work!

6 02 2012

Malcom – people are using Lefty’s on their Fatbikes, but that’s not a production solution. It’s a custom setup that doesn’t solve the problem of needing a reasonably priced suspension fork for fat bikes.

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