Crocs meet their match!

4 01 2012

Crocs 0 - Thorn 1

I’m leaving these bad boys in Mexico where their lack of tread isn’t such a problem.Wet wooden decks and treadless Crocs are not a good match!

Yup that hurt!




3 responses

4 01 2012

I have a couple pair myself…but only use em as house-shoes 😉 Hope it didn’t hurt too bad (looks like it coulda…)

The DC

11 01 2012

crocs are not a shoe for wet conditions period….great for what they are but can be way slick on certain surfaces when water is introduced…

11 01 2012

When the tread is new-ish I find the Crocs grip well in wet conditions. It’s only when I wear the sole down on the heel that they get slippery in wet conditions.

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