Sharon’s a Commutinator!

30 12 2011

Nearly home...

2011 was Sharon’s first full year as a bike commuter. She started cycling in the rain and dealt with a fairly serious accident caused by another cyclist.   Through all the challenges she kept smiling [mostly] and has remained a dedicated transportation cyclist. Awesome work! Keep the blue Surly a rocking in 2012…=-)



4 responses

30 12 2011

Great work. Isn’t some sort of prize for the first year? My neighbor wanted a ride to the bus station with her luggage so I showed up with my Xtracycle and my folder- she was amused. By the time we got there, she was loving it. Bicycles are just cool.

30 12 2011
Val Garou

She does deserve a prize. Some commuting swag from the Lazy Rando HQ.

30 12 2011

Awesome! MAd props 🙂


30 12 2011
mike Croy

Way to go Sharon! The first year is the hardest and it gets easier with practice.

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