2012 Project Bike?

29 12 2011

Made in the US steel Trek...

I found this made in the USA steel Trek frame down in Baja. I’m thinking of bailing on my 29er hardtail build plans and dedicating 2012 to this fine bike.

Made in the USA...

The plan would be a Johnny Tomac inspired pre-Y2k MTB with drop bars and one of those Tioga tensioned disc wheel. Fully rigid belly on the top tube riding position.

Assume the position...

I just need a 160mm negative rise stem and some drops to get real low and stretched out like Tomes was back in the day.

The man and the rig...

I can’t wait to start dropping some steep techy goodness on this baby and pretending I am JT.

Steel is real...

What a score!

29ers are for sissies!

If anyone has a line on some purple Nike SPD bike shoes I’m in business…=-)



7 responses

29 12 2011

Nice score!


29 12 2011

Wow…serious flashback time…I rode a Raleigh Technium fall-apart…I mean mountain bike – back in the day.

Now I ride a made in Wisconsin, lugged steel Trek 930 that I’ve set up for city cruising. The laid out geometry makes for a nice, cushy ride. The thing eats up Seattle potholes!

Of course I’m not hunched over like I’m puking on the front tire anymore…

29 12 2011
Chris Hunt

Vik, is it a Trek 970? My first decent mtn bike was a Trek 930 with Suntour components. To do up a 970 “right” you’ll have to find some Onza HO cantilevers, Diacompe 998 brake levers and, of course, a complete Shimano Deore DX drivetrain. And Matrix Singletrack tires. Massive bonus points if you can find a Trek DDS3 suspension fork.

29 12 2011

Say it ain’t so…

3 01 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

I had a 990.. great bikes were the made in usa Trek steel frames.. They are so smooth. Once you get her built up you will be surprised how fast it is. Leave it purple…

3 01 2012
Chris L

Just finished building this Schwinn Sierra up.,..

Schwinn Sierra

5 01 2012
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

Wow Chris thats really clean looking.. A buddy of mine rode one of those block chrome sierra’s back in the day …

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