One last session…

19 12 2011

P-Rock demonstrating 29er dominance by crushing a parked car...

We’ve been having such a great winter MTB season here on the South Shore of Vancouver Island that I’m sad to be leaving even if my destination is a beach in Mexico. I’m sure I’ll get over it once I drown my sorrow in hot juicy tacos, ice cold beers and flying 20′ over the ocean swell under my kite. Anyways I wanted to make the most of my last week in Victoria so after 2 great rides I managed to get out one last time with Scott [aka Porcelain Rocket aka P-Rock]. You’ll note 3 rides last week and 3 different ride partners. I’m such a chicken legged MTB monster nobody can survive more than 1 ride per week with me…hahahaha! When summer comes I’ll get Sharon in the mix so I can rip 4 times a week and maybe go solo [gasp!] for a fiver!

P-Rock and I headed to the Hartland MTB Park as it has trail signs which make a night ride so easy. Ripping around in the dark chasing pools of bright light to all sorts of techy goodness was great fun. Our night riding skills are improving to the point that we are riding at daytime speeds now. That’s easy when the trails are so twisty and techy because bombing at 50kph is out of the question. I’ve at least done some daytime riding this winter, but Scott commented that he couldn’t remember what it was like to ride under the sun…=-) You see how he suffers so you can have bags for your bikes!!

I'm so fast I'm a blur...=-)

In our mild nocturnal confusion we turned down a trail we didn’t know existed and found some cool new singletrack to plunder. It was headed way downhill from where we needed to end up so we got smart and backtracked. We’ve made a mental note and will explore all the way to the end when we have more time. It was a nice surprise on what we expected would just be a routine ride.

As I unpacked my MTB gear for the last time in 2011 I was happy to have finally found my groove in the local terrain. I’ve got no illusions of grandeur about my skills I just want to feel competent and be able to ride my bike more than I walk/fall. Everyone keeps telling me how gnarly the trails are on the South Shore and that it will make riding anywhere else seem tame. I hope so! I’m planning to head south to the desert this winter to ride some familiar trails and binge on Mexican food. It would be great if my dedication to winter MTBing on Vancouver Island paid off by making me a desert rockstar…I’m not holding my breathe…hahaha…=-)



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