For Sale – Aaron’s Kona Honky Tonk…

18 12 2011

Aaron's sweet Kona Honky Tonk...

My buddy Aaron is selling his lovely Kona Honky Tonk road bike. It’s a sweet ride, but he’s been seduced by the lure of the 650B wheel size and by the tempting plumpness of the Pugsley’s 4″ rubber. His GF is a reasonable lady, but she won’t let him bring any new rides into their apartment unless something leaves first.

Brake porn...

  • 2009 Kona Honky-Tonk 56cm Robin Egg Blue w/ pearl $999 obo
  • Completely custom build.  19 lbs. w/o pedals
  • 9spd Campagnolo Daytona groupo(no longer made)
  • Campagnolo Daytona Cranks 53-39t 172.5 length
  • Campagnolo Daytona Dual-Pull calipers front & rear
  • Campagnolo Record 9spd chain
  • 13-26t Campagnolo Centaur Cassette (new)
  • Campagnolo Daytona Shifters
  • Campagnolo Centaur BB (new)
  • Shimano Pro Stem 100mm x 31.8 bar. 0/+6 deg. rise
  • Kona Alu-lite seat post 27.2
  • Kona standard-drop h-bars 44cm width
  • Shimano 520 SPD pedals
  • Mavic Kysirium SSC – SL wheel set, Rr has been recently re-built with all new spokes & freehub body has just been overhauled with new ratchet pawls
  • Brand new Continental Ultra Race 700×23 tires, no kms
  • Brand new FSA Orbit headset
  • Easton EC30 Carbon fork
  • All cables/housing are new & tuned
  • Frame matched bottle cages
  • 13-23 9spd Campagnolo Centaur cassette included (still in it’s box)
  • SKS Thermo plastic fender set included if desired

Wheel porn...

Aaron is a professional bike mechanic and general bike nut so you can be sure this bike is well maintained and nicely setup.

She's fast and pretty...

Aaron will professionally pack the bike at no cost and ship the bike to you for a reasonable approximation of actual shipping costs. Please leave a comment for Aaron if you are interested and he’ll get back to you rapidly.



10 responses

15 11 2011
Michel Poulin

Hello Vik,

I have no idea where to post this, or how to contact you, but I have a SuperNova E3 Iris that I am looking to trade for a Schmitt eDelux. The light works great, but is too bright for commuting, and more at home on trails or dark country roads. I should have listened to your blog advice and gotten a commuter light which has less ‘dazzle’ and more light on the road. Any way. The light has about 1300 km on it, but is just too bright for in-the-city riding for oncoming traffic. If you could help point me in the right direction for trading, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for posting this here…


15 11 2011

Michel – no problem about posting your comment here…I don’t know where to point you at to trade that light. It would be most useful to night time mountain bikers [not that they are too many of those], but last time I checked they preferred battery powered systems and it would be unlikely they’d have an Edelux to trade.

16 11 2011

“His GF is a reasonable lady, but she won’t let him bring any new rides into their apartment unless something leaves first.”

Doesn’t sound at all reasonable to me!

16 11 2011
Aaron M

I agree with you mostly. If you’d have seen the number of bikes I’ve been going through in the past years then you’d understand. I’m told that I have a problem but I don’t see it. Haha

18 12 2011

I’d like to buy these. Who do I contact

18 12 2011

Building my bike similar as yours, its good that you’ve posted the parts here just exactly what I need. Thank you! But why retiring the bike though?

18 12 2011

Aaron wants a Surly Pugsley and is trying to keep total bike #’s within a reasonable limit.

19 12 2011

@Tim – I’m going to email you with Aaron’s contact info right now.

20 12 2011
Aaron M

Hi Tim,
Not sure if you’re still interested in the bike but I’m around until thursday and after that I’ll be available on the 29th. If you’d like to see the bike call the Fairfield Bicycle Shop, when I’m around, at #250-381-2453. Thanks


22 01 2012
Aaron M

Hello everyone,

This bike is SOLD. Thanks for your interest.

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