Baja A Go Go!

18 12 2011

Another Baja trophy sized catch!

I’m headed to Baja today for a 4 week work-cation. I’ve been slacking on my quality management certification studying so I’m bringing a bunch of books down south with me to read on the beach in the AM before the wind picks up. I’ve got a project I’m managing as well, but there is nothing happening over the holidays and I’ll coordinate the early January tasks remotely via email.

I’ve got my gear packed – finally! I had to really cull the herd to make everything fit. Unlike previous trips I’m flying down to Baja rather than driving. I have mixed feelings about this as I enjoyed the long drive south as a way to unwind and get into the zone, but with a 4 week window of opportunity it doesn’t make sense to spend 1 week driving each way. It will be a little strange leaving Canada in the AM and setting up my tent on the beach that evening in Mexico. I’ll also miss my traditional stop over in Pasadena to visit my good friends there…=-(

The biggest challenge has been streamlining my gear down to the minimum so I can get it on the plane. I would normally have a pick up truck’s worth of stuff with me for a month in Baja. This time I’ve got 1 kite gear bag, 1 duffel bag, a surfboard bag and a daypack. I will miss my camp furniture the most as I’ll be sitting on the ground  on an old tarp. I’ll also miss my Pugsley. Sharon is coming down for 2 weeks in the middle of my trip and she’s rented bikes. During my time alone I’ll just walk. My days in Baja aren’t too ambitious so I can get everything I want done on 2 feet.

I hope everyone out there has a great holiday season and gets a little love from Santa or the UPS man – whichever you believe in more…=-)



2 responses

18 12 2011

Boy, I know how you feel.In 7 hours I’ll be on the first of two flights to Japan for 6 weeks. Seems like I’ve spent a week getting my gear into the smallest possible parcels, taking my Pocket Llama for some cold weather riding. Work will just be a memory for a while and I’ll be glad to be away from the summer heat. All the best for for the new year keep blogging , it helps keep me sane.

18 12 2011

I enjoyed myself too in a lot of activities at Baja. Can’t forget the wines as well, it should be one of your itinerary as well. Enjoy!

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