Cane Creek Adjustable Headset..

11 12 2011

Cane Creek Angleset

If you bike has a 1.5″ of tapered headset you can use an adjustable headset like this one from Cane Creek to adjust the headset angle. You can make it steeper for sharper handling or slacker for more relaxed steering.

I love it!

It’s an expensive [$200+] and esoteric way to tweak your ride, but I think it’s great. You can really fine tune a mountain bike for every trip you go on which is amazingly sweet. Add in a travel adjust fork and you are dialing in your bike’s handling in a way that riders never dreamed of.

Cane Creek Angleset in action...

“The all-new AngleSet threadless headset makes it possible to change the game. With AngleSet the head angle of a mountain bike can be transformed with ease, as the low-stack-height AngleSet offers up to six offset angle adjustments. With steeper or slacker adjustments from 0.5 to 1.5 degrees, dialing in the perfect geometry to attack the trail is a breeze. The design of AngleSet is head-tube length independent and fits most popular head-tube standards. A self-aligning feature between the bearings and the steerer-tube ensures a perfect fit and makes fork installation a snap.”

Cane Creek Angleset product Info Page [click here]

Cups & Covers 7075 T-6 Aluminum
Head-Tube Length Design is head-tube length independent
Alignment Bearings self-align with steerer-tube under compression
Offsets Steeper or Slacker +/- 0.5, +/- 1.0, +/- 1.5 & Neutral 0.0
Crown Race Fully face-sealed crown race
Bearings Dependable black-oxide, sealed cartridge bearings
Interlok® Interlok® spacer compatible
Manufacturing Cut in Cane Creek’s Fletcher, NC machining facility from U.S.- made aluminum



2 responses

11 12 2011

There are quite a few small companies making angle reducer headsets, they are not quite as fancy as the CaneCreek one (which uses gimballed bearings) but as long as you buy the correct one they are ace. There are scare stories about the CC ones on MTBR too, tho not read many so may not be an issue now.

In the UK these are quite good…

More options than CC and quite a bit cheaper too!

11 12 2011

@Richard – good call..thanks for the tip.

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