Night Mission…

7 12 2011

A few changes to the Nomad...

Before our nocturnal assault on Hartland Mountain Bike Park last night I tweaked my Santa Cruz Nomad a bit.

I flipped the stem.

I’ve been wanting a better position for climbing so I flipped the stem to lower the bars a bit. Surprisingly I didn’t find the techy climbing any different, but I did really notice a difference on tight twisty descents. I could plant the front wheel and carve turns more aggressively. It was an excellent modification which I will keep. I think the solution for the techy climbing is twofold:

  1. I just have to attack things more aggressively and use the momentum generated to get me up the first part of the section plus work on my body position more so I maximize traction at the mid-point to generate the power to pop over the top
  2. at some point get an adjustable travel fork so I can drop it 2″ for techy problems and raise it back to a full 6″ of travel on a fast DH run
The cost of an adjustable travel Fox Talas 36 is prohibitive [over $1K] at the moment given that I’ve got a fully functional high end fork. So I’ll work on myself first and upgrade the gear at a later date.

Brooks B17 Narrow with cut out...

I tried a Brooks saddle on the Nomad [sold the Surly 1×1] so I didn’t need it over there. The saddle itself was plenty comfortable for MTBing, but I can’t get enough setback with the seatpost I am using so I’ll be fitting the Selle Anatomica back on it. I’m going to build up a hardtail MTB of some sort in 2012 and this saddle will find a home there most likely.

Scott on his custom Hunter 29er...

Scott has rigidified his custom Hunter 29er just to emphasize how weak and unskilled I am at MTBing…=-)

Sexy steel fork...

It’s crazy how fast and smooth Scott is on this beast.

Worth another look...

His Hunter fork was so pretty I nearly had my VISA card out and cellphone in hand to order up my own custom Hunter.

Der Rohloff!

He’s even got a lovely Rohloff on the back end of his rig.

Up up and away!

He’s a beast once he gets those big 29er wheel up to speed…=-)

Log ride...

In fact he’s so fast I have to fight back by setting his lights to low power so he can barely see where he is going.

Grand Pa dropping a gnarly 1' hump...

We ended up at Hartland since we’ve been to Partridge Hills something like 10 times in a row and needed a change of pace. For night riding Hartland has the advantage of being mapped and having reflective trail markers so we always had a reasonable idea of where we were. We hike a biked up to the top of a downhill run which made Scott happy and was pretty fun going the other way for me. I can’t believe how warm it is in the forest at night lately. I’ve been stripping off layers after the first 5 mins and end up riding in the same gear I would in the summer just with a long sleeve shirt in stead of a T-shirt. Awesome!

Scott racing for the car - luckily I had the keys!

Another great night ride in the bag!…=-) Thanks to Aaron for loaning Scott a set of lights and that’s to the folks that designed and built us a fun MTB park to play in.

BTW – I should once again say that my Dinotte lights rocked. They take a beating and keep on lighting a fun path down the trail…=-)



11 responses

7 12 2011

i gotta get a decent trail light and try this (when the trails dry out in May, gahh!).

7 12 2011

@Doug – up north by May it’s light out so late you need to really try hard to go night MTBing. At the moment it’s dark by 4pm so our normal ride times coincide with darkness pretty easily!

7 12 2011
Aaron M

Looks like a heck of a fun ride. I haven’t made it to Hartland yet for a night ride. I was rolling around the trail in Mt. Doug that night with the other fellows from Fairfield, definitely off the back though, those guys are fast! Must be the 29″wheels haha. When I go again I’ll ring you up Vik, you’d like those trails. To anyone else who is feeling bored with their trails just try riding them at night, it’s like discovering a new stash all over again.

7 12 2011

Great time indeed! Thanks Vik! 🙂

7 12 2011

so you weren’t into the rigid 1×1?? this must mean you are planning on a hardtail 29er build 😉
did you keep the rohloff??

7 12 2011

@Alan – I never had a chance to ride the 1×1 in anger. Someone offered to buy it – just the frame. After riding the Pugsley rigid I realized I probably wouldn’t love even smaller wheels rigid.

8 12 2011
doug d

In my recent round of altering the saddle position on my pugsley, I needed to move my seat back about an inch. The SA that I had been using on the pugs last year has once again stretched beyond its maximum and so I had a brooks B17 on the bike. The B17 didn’t move any further back, but I discovered that the flyer moves over an inch further back. It also has springs, which I like. I have a hole cut in my flyer that I copied from a B17 Imperal, and I really like it.

8 12 2011

@Doug – odd thing about my SA saddles is they aren’t stretching so much as the tension bolt is unwinding as I ride. If I retighten all is good an I never seem to run out of bolt adjustment.

8 12 2011
doug d

Locktite blue should fix the unwinding. I have some on mine (also on any other bolt that tends to loosen), and it seems to do the trick for holding the bolt. I suspect my running out of adjustment has to do with Calgary temperature swings, otherwise I can’t understand why I run through the adjustment so much more quickly than others. it didn’t take more than 2 months for my re-covered seat to run out its entire adjustment. I run the SA much looser than my Brooks and yet I have to adjust it just about every ride.

8 12 2011

@Doug – my Pugs had an SA on it for a couple years in Calgary without doing that. Not sure why yours is stretching so much.

I had an early production SA that did that really fast and they replaced it for me.

11 12 2011

The rigid Hunter is really nice. Of course, I’m jaded. I ride rigid singlespeed 99% of the time. When you ride rigid you learn to ride a completely different way than when you ride with a fully. Also, the larger wheels of the 29’er offset some of the bumpiness. You’re probably realizing that with the Canfield though. In any case, enjoy.

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