Pugsley vs. Regular MTB…

6 12 2011



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6 12 2011

It must be said that a Pugsley is much, much harder to pedal through anything than a mtb.

6 12 2011

That hasn’t been my experience dirt touring or snow/sand/desert riding. Even for straight up MTBing it’s not particularly hard to pedal a Pugs vs. a regular MTB.

The Pugs is a bit heavier and it’s unsuspended so it’s not going to be as fast on rough terrain as a lighter FS or hardtail rig, but the difference is surprisingly small if you are comparing it to a rigid MTB.

6 12 2011
Val Garou

Unless you are trying to go at full race-pace with lots of hard acceleration and uphill sprinting I would say the difference is entirely negligible

7 12 2011
Aaron M

My brief experience on the trails with a Pugsley was delightful. It was no more difficult to tractor my way through the rough stuff than my steel hardtail. With the right tire pressure I imagine it’d be so sweet. Santa Clause got a short list from me this year, & he could ride it to my door!

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