Thanks Nalgene!

2 12 2011

Double my pleasure!

About 3-4 years ago I bought two Nalgene bladders from MEC. At the time I had planned to use both on a recumbent for brevets. I eventually concluded that one was enough so the 2nd one stayed in its package. I had used the first bladder for many long road rides in my bent days and then it was repurposed to my MTB riding needs. That bladder has been banging around in my hydration pack for several years without complaints. I should note that I freeze my bladder between uses so I don’t have to clean it and I blow air into it when I ride to pressurize it for easy drinking. Neither of these things is ideal for the bladder yet it keeps on trucking.

A couple weeks ago I was about to leave on a MTB ride when I realized I had frozen a nearly full bladder. Not good as it would never thaw in time to be useful on a cool winter MTB ride on Vancouver Island. So I grabbed the new never used bladder and figured I would put it into service. Sadly she leaked out of the bag – something I didn’t realize until I was at the trailhead. Not enough to deprive me of fluids on the ride, but enough to soak my pack and my lower back…=-(

I investigated the problem, but it was not repairable with my normal standbys of shoe goo or duct tape. Given the many years since I bought it and no chance of finding a receipt I assumed I was out of luck. I emailed Nalgene anyways and explained the problem to see if there was a repair option before I threw the bladder out. I was pleasantly surprised when Irene at Nalgene replied asking for my address so she could send me a replacement bladder no questions asked. Sweet!….=-)

When the package arrived it seemed larger than necessary for shipping a bladder and I was again surprised to find two spanking new bladders inside the box. Double sweet!…=-) I can’t really ask for better customer service than that.

So I pulled the hose/valve and screw on lid off the old bladder as spares for the one I have in service and now I have two more. I’ll probably be rocking these Nalgene bladders until 2020!



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2 12 2011

It is refreshing to see that there are businesses still striving for excellence in customer service. I wish I could say the same for Asus who have had my tablet power supply in their possesion for a month waiting for warranty replacement. In your case Nalgene went the extra mile. Great to see.

2 12 2011
Velo Babble

I had a similar experience with Outdoor Research and their infinite guarantee. They guarantee any product of theirs, for any reason, at any time, no questions asked. What an awesome policy. I love it when companies behave well.

2 12 2011
Steve Jones

That’s great! Other companies take note, if you provide this level of service we’ll keep on buying your products. Good for the customer, good for business. Just this story alone is enough to get me checking out Nalgene products at my local store.

2 12 2011

I really like their new bladders they designed in conjunction with Osprey packs. Solves your pressurization problems too. 😉

2 12 2011

@Jacco – how does it solve the pressurization problem?

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