Hope to Homer Bike/Raft Trip…

29 11 2011

Looks like a great time…=-)



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29 11 2011
Rob E. Loomis

In my younger days I used to daydream about ways to do a combination bike/canoe trip. I just could never figure out how to make it work: towing a canoe, then trying to get the bike and canoe trailer into the canoe. Too much weight. No access to the tools, parts, know how to make a collapsible trailer, nor the money to off-load that part on to someone else. Learning in recent years about lightweight, inflatable rafts has made me re-evaluate the whole thing again. An inflatable raft now sits high on my wish list. The only question is whether it sits above or below a fat tire bike.

29 11 2011

I would get the fatbike first for sure. I would also suggest you do not use a loaded packraft alone on any serious water crossing.

I’ve considered getting a packraft, but I’m not sure it makes any sense to have a single one unless my friends have them also.

30 11 2011
Aaron M

You can get me one for Christmas then if you’re looking for justification…

30 11 2011

I figured you were getting me one for X’mas…=-)~ I guess I’ll have to return your Rohloff then!

8 10 2014
Jeff Seguin

I would check out Kokopelli packrafts. You get a lot of raft for the price, and they are perfect for bikerafting. I tried out a prototype for bikerafting and it performed like a champ. I was impressed and bought two when they were offering an initial discount. Type in “Kokopelli bikerafting” and you can see a video on YouTube.

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