Cyclist killed down the street…=-(

29 11 2011

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I don’t generally post cyclist accident reports. This one happened in my neighbourhood so I figured I would share it. It happened on a busy road I rarely cycle on, but at an intersection I cross a lot. I use some quieter secondary roads that are parallel to Burnside Rd if I need to head in that direction. It’s definitely a road that needs a bike lane if cyclists are to use it safely. As it stands I’d advise any local cyclists to avoid it when it’s busy at rush hour. Other than stating the obvious – cars/trucks shouldn’t hit cyclists – there isn’t much to say about this accident. The road in question is 4 lanes across and too narrow for bikes and cars to share the right most lanes. In theory vehicles should give cyclists the lane or cyclists should take the whole lane, but it’s so busy at rush hour that in practice that isn’t possible without sparking a road rage fuelled riot. It’s one of those roads that has been designed to kill cyclists unfortunately.

My thoughts go out to the family of the cyclist….=-(



One response

30 11 2011

On such roads cycle paths should be obligatory. I hope that his death will cause something to change, and that he will be the last cyclist to die on that intersection.
In Europe trucks need to have bars or any other sort of shielding which, in case of an accident, prevents that people end up underneath the trailer and get run over. ( notice the two bars between the trucks axles and the trailers axles) Such safety measures don’t cost a thing and safe lives!

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