Touring SA on a Pugsley…

25 11 2011

Photo: Joe Cruz

My CDN GDR tour really opened my eyes to bike touring on a Pugsley. The big tires weren’t slow on dirt roads/trails and they provided some appreciated passive suspension over the bumps. Joe Cruz is a bike tourist, writer and philosopher who is touring South America on his Pugsley. That unusual combination makes for some very interesting blog posts illustrated with nice photography.

Photo: Tom aka Bicycle Nomad

The great thing about touring on a Pugsley is that it really encourages you to seek out the more adventurous routes where it performs better than any normal touring bike. It’s also a guaranteed conversation starter…=-)

Thanks to Aaron for sharing this link with me and thanks to Joe for demonstrating fat is where it’s at!



4 responses

25 11 2011

Actually I took the photo of Joe heading into the distance….


25 11 2011

@Tom – I corrected the photo credits. Nice shot.

25 11 2011

very awesome. thanks for sharing. love those bottle cages on the rear, i might copy that.

26 11 2011

Vic. No worries – am flattered to find my pic on your site. The Big Dummy didn’t do too badly up these sections either!


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