New Surly Evil Rack…

20 11 2011

Enough with the Surly Nice Rack..time for an Evil Rack!

I guess with Surly’s move to the darkside following the unleashing of the Necromancer Pugsley it makes sense they wouldn’t expect you to put a Surly Nice Rack on an undead bike so the fiendish minds at Surly came up with the Pink Devil Horn Pentagram Rack for Necromancer owners. That was too hard to type/say so they’ve called it the Evil Rack.

I’m not sure when they’ll be for sale, but their going for $333 each.

If this sounds too bizarre to be true it’s because I made the whole thing up. Click on the image to read the real story behind this cool rack, but don’t let the internet get boring so please spread an interesting story!



2 responses

20 11 2011

The price would surely have to be $666 each!?!?!?

20 11 2011

It’s front and rear I guess….

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